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IntervieweeNP YearsInterview date
Emile Lafrenais’46-’48June 20, 2021
Arnold McKenzie’52-’60July 11, 2021
Phillip Khan-Panni’47-’56July 14, 2021
Bishnu Das Pradhan’46-’55July 22, 2021
Benjamin Elias’43-’44July 27, 2021
Vashu Gulab’47-’49July 30, 2021
Eddie Hsu’50-’56July 30, 2021
An interview with Rev. Fr. Stanley Varghese, Rector of North Point, on June 24, 2021
An Interview with Emile Lafrenais, ’45-’48 at his home in Santa Monica, California on June 20, 2021
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What was the one thing you particularly remember about your stay at North Point?00:37
Considering that you are one of the oldest North Pointers alive, what is your sage advice to us North Pointers and Loretoites now?01:30
Three do’s and don’t’s to live such a long, healthy life like yours02:00

An interview with Arnold McKenzie (’60 batch) from his home in Manila, The Philippines on July 11, 2021
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What are some of those golden nuggets of life advice you want to share with us?00:25
More than all of the above you are also a Darjeeling boy born and brought up in the tea-garden studded hills. What is the one thing you really loved about Darjeeling and that you still cherish to this day?03:13
If you had to choose just one valuable take-away, a gift so to speak, from your days at school, what would that be?04:40
An interview with Phillip Khan-Panni ’47-’56 from his home in Dublin, Ireland on July 14, 2021
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You are an experienced, accomplished international public speaker and we can learn so much from you. What sage life advice can you give us current and former North Pointers?00:25
Can you recall some of your saddest moments in school and perhaps a couple of joyous ones as well?01:55
What kind of general short and long term routines do you follow to look so good as you do at 80?05:24
An interview with Bishnu Das Pradhan ’46-’55 from his home in Mumbai on July 22, 2021
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You are a Darjeeling-brought-up boy unlike the majority of school boys. Even now you have strong family connections there and you visit Darj regularly. What was it like to be growing up in Darjeeling during those times?00:18
What were two favorite moments of yours while growing up in school and who was your favorite teacher in school and why do you remember your teacher so well?04:15
You, together with your dear departed wife, Nita, have attended so many of the alumni reunions around the world. What inspires you to attend these reunions?06:50

An interview with Benjamin Elias, ’43-’44 from his home in Santa Monica, California on July 27, 2021
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What made your parents decide to send you to North Point?00:30
Can you describe some lasting memories you have of your days in school?02:00
Can you briefly describe the school as it was during the time you were there?08:25

An interview with Vashu Gulab, ’47-’49, ’50-’52 NP College, from his home in Mumbai on July 30, 2021
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Which was your favorite year in school and why?00:40
You have been a stalwart North Pointer deeply involved with alumni activities since you left school. What are the motivating factors that keeps you so engrossed in the North Point world?03:45
What are some of the images that spring to your mind whenever you think about school?07:35
An interview with Eddie Hsu, ’50-’56 from his home in San Diego, California on July 30, 2021
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Can you describe your feelings on your first few days at North Point?00:50
What qualities did you take away from North Point that has helped you through life?03:00
Being someone I know that loves his boarding school days, what valuable advice can you give younger North Pointers?04:00