Loreto Convent

IntervieweeLCD YearsInterview date
Patricia Bell’50-’55August 07, 2021
Merlyn Pais’55-’60August 20, 2021
Louise Lee’56-’59August 20, 2021
Pu-Chin Waide’50-’56August 22, 2021
Jeanette Grover’48-’57August 26, 2021
Silla Ghandy’49-’60September 25, 2021

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An interview with Patricia Bell from her home in Geneva on August 07, 2021
QuestionsTime Stamp
Can you describe growing up in Loreto during those years and relating this experience with North Point and their classy students?00:30
Credit goes to Joan Windsor for setting up our joint global North Point reunions. You having attended almost all of them, what is the lasting impression you carry of your first reunion?07:05
What are the defining features that has kept you so involved with your Loreto alumni over these years?09:45
Top: Patricia Bell and Madhuri Jaiswal, October 25, 1955.
Bottom: Again in 2015. Both pictures taken by Bishnu Das Pradhan
An interview with Merlyn Pais from her home in London, August 20, 2021
QuestionsTime Stamp
What did you learn from the nuns that would be valuable to be shared with the younger generations?00:40
How was it like growing up in Loreto?02:38
What was your favorite haunt you and your friends liked to visit in Darjeeling town and why?03:50
An interview with Louise Lee from her home in South England, August 20, 2021

QuestionsTime Stamp
Can you describe the impressions that appear in your mind whenever you think of Loreto and Darjeeling?00:35
Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?01:35
What lifelong quality did you pick up from the Loreto nuns?07:28
An interview with Pu-Chin Waide from her home in Virginia, August 22, 2021
QuestionsTime Stamp
Can you describe the one thing you always remember fondly of your time in Loreto?00:40
Who were some of your friends at school and what would you all do together in your spare time, either in school or in town?04:20
What life quality that you use till today did Loreto, Darjeeling give to you?08:55
An interview with Jeanette Grover from her home in Darjeeling, August 26, 2021

QuestionsTime Stamp
Can you describe what Darjeeling town used to be like in those days when you were growing up there?01:22
What were some of your favorite subjects in school? Why did you like them so much and do you in any way still use what you learnt from those subjects?04:30
Tell us about a couple of favorite incidents in school that are close to your heart today.06:49
An interview with Silla Ghandy from her home in Bangalore, September 25, 2021
QuestionsTime stamp
What would you say were some of your most memorable experiences during your Loreto Darjeeling school years?00:53
What important life values did you pick up from your days in school?02:18
What driving force makes you keep in touch with your Loreto classmates till today?05:40