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John Conroy '28 batch
97 years old

Photo submitted on May 1, 2008 by Elizabeth Riding

Elizabeth Riding wrote on March 16, 2008

Dear Sir,

My name is Mrs Riding, I live in England, I take care of an old gentleman, his name is Mr John Harry William Conroy, he was a boarder at the school from 1925/28 he is 97 years old this September, I looked up the school in the net, I ran off the old photos to show him, it made his day, he was so happy to see them, also Ariel photos from google earth it was amazing for him he told me about his stay at Northpoint, he has such fond memories of his time there, he will probably be one of your oldest ex pupils alive? anyway just to let you know you have made an old man very happy,

Regards Mrs Elizabeth Riding


Elizabeth Riding wrote on May 1, 2008

Thank you so much for your email, John Conroy was so pleased to read that he was the oldest person to have been at the college, sadly we will not be able to go to the reunion in London, John has a dog who he loves dearly, he will not leave him with anyone, attached is a photo of John sadly he does not have any from his days at N.P. he said the teachers were so good to the pupils he loved hockey & football he got some kind of medal for sport! he is so clever, he does maths faster than I can! all due to his education at N.P.

Thanks again for your mail, look forward to hearing from you in the future, if you get the time Regards Elizabeth Riding



Mark Devereux 1972

Mark Devereux 2002

Gobind Daryanani 1956

Gobind Daryanani 2002

Robert Jean LeFaucheur 1929

Robert Jean LeFaucheur 2002
Son, Robert LeFaucher NP '49 writes of his father on May 9, 2005:
My father Robert Jean LeFaucheur, still 100% mentally/physically fit, age 94 lives at 43 Reveley Crescent, Stirling, Canberra, Australia 2611. He left NP in 1929 after spending his full schooling there after a year at Loreto where he started at age 5. He can be contacted through my email address. Here are some photographs, the one with the medals (WW2) was taken in 2002 at the Parade in Canberra for the 100th Anniversary of the Australian Army. The others were during his days in NP, he was a good sportsman.

Sonam Dorji 2002

Dinyar Divitre 2002

Nishit Bhattacharyya 2002

Tashi Tsering 2002

Sameek S.K. Ray 2002

Barun Roy 2002


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