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NP Slang

  The compilation of the following list was begun on August 22, 2002 by Pasang Tempo and Ashok Sadhwani in Gangtok with subsequent additions contributed by Farhad Anklesaria, Ravi Pradhan, Tamding Tempo and Manjeet Dhatt in Wascott, Wisconsin on August 15, 2010. Following publication, further input has been provided by Ratna Pradhan, Sandip Madan, Lionel Rozario, Rafique Jiwani, Phillip Khan-Panni, Pranta Das and Errol Stagg
Slang used Meaning As in
Act tough defiant don't act tough or you'll get a jhaap
Ahtzees 8 annas lend us ahtzees
Aloo hole in sock he has an aloo in his sock
AO Among Ourselves monthly school magazine
Benders see also 'straps' he got benders in the study hall
Bhutt lying he was bhutting about his conquests
Black Chocolate see also 'straps' and 'benders' he's going to get the black chocolate
Bogs toilets always in disrepair
Bread money do you have any bread?
Buck brag don't buck about your results
Buck rupee it costs one buck
Bumf bum fodder (toilet paper) got any spare bumf?
Bumps seat hits dirt usually captain of football team gets to enjoy this after winning
Bunk escape cut classes or to go out-of-bounds
Burra chota special breakfast we got burra chota on feast days
Bzzzz see 'Shaving' noise made by students when one goes up to shave teacher
Catty catapult I knocked out the street light with my catty
Chapao strike with tennis ball he chapao'ed it soooooo hard
Charzees 4 annas two of those is charzees
Chattawalla Paulites did you see those Chattawallas in town today?
Chhokra street urchin "don't act like a chhokra boy" said Mr. Banerjea
Chouce to extract he was chouceing me for bread
Cog cheat he is always cogging in his exams
Conk-out faint after running half the marathon he conked out in town
Conk-out faint but figuratively he let go a big one and the guys conked out
Convy dames convent girls convy dames have arrived
Dads Reverend affectionate name for any priest
Dames girls, mainly Loreto hey, look at those dames, man
Dhaap moron don't be a dhaap
Dhik shoulder charge I gave him a dhuk to get the ball
Dog Biscuit school cookies he was chouceing me for my dog biscuits
Dowzees 2 annas it costs only dowzees
Fag cigarette got a fag?
Floating infatuated he was floating after dancing with her
Gan untruth (imitation of Hindi's 'gyan') beat own's chest, as in "he was giving gan again" or "don't give gan"
Gogs glasses or spectacles he dropped his gogs in the bogs
Grub food got any grub?
Hard up broke I'm really hard-up today
Hatching to waste time don't hatch, man, get the ball
Have it out fight let's have it out
Havoc mess, chaos or disorder he created a lot of havoc with the pop
Hillcut person from the hills he's not a hillcut; he's from the plains
Hog eat a lot don't hog it all, man
Jalabe big smile he had a big jalabe on his face
Jhaap blow or hit I will give you a jhaap
Jhaaped easily beat I jhaaped him in chess and carroms
Khud hillside the ball went over the khud
Kulloo  box wallah I bought the grub from kulloo
Kunny fashionable he was wearing kunny shoes
Macks raincoats leave your wet macks in the hall
Marbs marbles he won all my marbs
Mug study hard all the time did you mug for the exam?
Pilling lying that's a pill, man
Pop Reverend any Father
Purchase Order unofficial outing for purchase from Kalooram's, P.C. Banerjee, Writer's Friend
Shaving to gain favour look at him shaving Fr. Rector
Shining bungling not at one's best
SJs Reverend affectionate name for any priest meaning Sub Juntawalla
Sneak snitch he sneaked to the headmaster
Solid very good sol-i-i-d! convy dames are here
Stand pay for will you stand me a bun-anda?
Straps long 14" leather sap he is going to get straps today
Strikes matches got any strikes with your fags?
TP toilet paper there's some TP in bogs number 4
Tuck shop snack room selling candies I got a stick-jaw from the tuck shop
Tuck-walla food vendor with a trunk full of food on his head


There were a few other slang words that were used that were agreed to be omitted from this publication due to their more sensitive nature. We leave you to surmise the missing ones.

Should you have any others that should be added to this list, please email the selections to ashok@asmara.com


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