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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Message by Chris Liu posted on YahooGroups on November 26.  2002

Dear Spagies,
The guest list for the Toronto 24t Nov 2002 re-union are as follows:
Dr. Fr. Van, Ivan Sequeira and spouse Doreen, C.C. Ku, Chris Liu, Terence
Hsiung and spouse Sheila, Rohit Verma, Xavier Lin, W.T. Liang and spouse,
Y.C. Liang and spouse, C.C. Liang, S.K. Chen, Sidney Chen, Melba Remedios (Loreto Convent) and spouse Bel, William Li, Charles Li and Ka Phen Liang. W.T. Liang was teaching in N.P. during the 1960's before he immigrated to Hong Kong and Canada. I remember visiting the Liang Brother's shoe store and restaurant opposite Planter's hospital whenever I felt homesick in school.
This was a very unplanned and last minute gathering...although most of the spagies live in the Greater Toronto Area, the chances of us getting together like this is few and far in between. It was suggested that we have a fixed date for a re-union every year. C.C.Ku and myself shared the story about "The fight at Kevinta's" with Polites' back in 1973. About how Mr. Banerjee (God Bless his soul) had the warring factions from both school come to his house in Ajit Mansion for a peace treaty that resulted in a more cordial relationship between N.P. and St. Paul's. Our gratitude once again to Dr.Fr. Van for his on-going effort in bringing and building the North Point family around the world and giving each of us, a chance, in our busy lives, to gather, reflect and  share in the good memories of N.P.
Sursum Corda,
Chris Liu (76)

Email: chrischien@hotmail.com

Message by Ivan St. Clair Sequeira '44 posted on YahooGroups on November 25, 2002

This last minute quickie was arranged by by Chris. Several attendees came who missed the October reunion. This reunion was held at the Imperial Garden Restaurant at 4810 Sheppard Avenue East in Scarborough  Toronto owned by Yan Wei Li. His wife was a Mount Hermon student and his two sons went to North Point. William '98 and Charles '93.  The C.C. brothers who were in NP in the early and late 30's were  there with their wives and a couple of their now adult children.  One of the attendees was a Melba (Rodrigues) Remedios who  attended Loreto starting in '59. Her brother attended North Point,  Angelo Roderigues NP'53. He then returned to Burmah where he qualified  as a medical Doctor. Melba completed her BA at Loreto and because  she had completed her LTCL in music, taught music at Loreto and  North Point at a time when Dr. Fr.Van was in an early tour as rector. The photographs that Tom had sent me were circulated and several
 group photographs were taken. The food that was served was excellent  with about 10 courses. For those spagies who live in the center or  east end of this city this was the best "Indian style" chinese food  that I have ever tasted. It is worth patronizing one of our own.  Our own Computer whiz Terence attended with his "Wow" wife Sheila who  is also a Computer Engineer. All the NP guys could not take their  eyes off her. C.C.Woo, Sidney , and Verma also attended. There must  have been about 20 people present. Dr.Fr.Van was in good form and  addressed the gathering and distributed pledge cards and showed  some pictures of North Point after some renovations and changes
 especially in the quadrangle. We presented Fr.Van with a North  American  "Dream Catcher", crafted by yours truly, so that this may  hang on his wall and all his dreams of untold wealth for  North Point may be realized. The gathering then sang our  North Point Chorus and raised three cheers for old NP. The few  customers who braved the singing, were apparently delighted...Ivan
Email: ivanstclair@hotmail.com


Saturday, October 12, 2002

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Time: Venue:
10.30 a.m The Church of St.Anthony of Padua.
Telephone: (905) 793-8030
12.00 p.m. The Bombay Palace Restaurant
200 Advance Blvd
Telephone: (905) 799-9777

The Church of St.Anthony of Padua situated at 940 North Park Road Bramptom (between Dixie Road and Bramalea Road) has been booked for a 10.30 a.m.Mass. It is proposed that Fr.Van celebrate this Mass with Fr.Bill German assisting and Tom Bates serving as alter boy.

The Bombay Palace restaurant is situated at the North East corner of the junction of Advance road and Dixie road in Brampton immediately south of Steeles. The entrance into the parking lot is on Advance road.

The buffet lunch will take place immediately following the Mass. The twittering of the spagies will be limited to the number of speakers. Management has requested that we limit the noise level especially when we are singing the North Point Chorus.

The Management has also requested us to terminate our session by 3p.m. as they have to cater for a wedding thereafter.

Ivan St. Clair Sequeira is attempting to put an ad in the Toronto Star inviting all the Alumni of North Point and Loreto convent to attend and some Loreto alumni have already indicated their desire to attend.

For those members who are not on the net, please confirm by telephone or get a friend to confirm on the net.
P.S. Attendees will pay their own bills for the lunch.

For further information and to confirm attendance , please contact:
Ivan St. Clair Sequeira        (905) 277-0588
Chris Liu        (905) 883-1998 or (416) 542-6060
Above  information has been derived from the original message by Ivan St. Clair Sequeira '44 posted on YahooGroups on August 20, 2002.

Message by Ivan St. Clair Sequeira '44 posted on YahooGroups on October 13, 2002
Hi Folks,

What a great show. We had 35 attendees and a lot of fun and memories of North Point and Loreto. Pictures will be posted as and when available. Terence NP '90 designed a memento that was excellent. Chris Liu the Co-chair brought his Guitar and we had a two great renderings of the North Point Chorus. Trevor NP '46 served the Mass and David Ottoman NP '35-'44 read the required readings and said the Grace before the meal. I am attaching the format of our proceedings so that other groups may if they so desire adapt it for their own reunions. Fr. Van was was in great spirits, but Fr. Bill was not well and was on anti biotics. He insisted on saying the Mass and participating fully with the events. Pray for his quick recovery.

Lunch Programme

1. Grace before Meal....David Ottman
2. Introduction of Guests of Honour Fr.Van & Fr.Bill By Chris
3. Meal to Start.
4. During the meal.... Each Attendee will introduce themselves and their partner, spouse. child or whomsoever.In doing so will explain their connection to NP, Loreto, or to us. There will be a limit of three minutes for each speaker.
5. After the last of the introductions by the Attendees and depending on the rush for" Meethai's" we will have a rendering of the North Point Chorus.
6.  Fr. Van will then address the group and will attempt to answer any questions.
7.  Ivan will make closing remarks & render thanks
8.  Time remaining we will sing the North Point Chorus again.
9.  Ensure that your Bill "Bar Chits" etc are paid before leaving.

Message by Chris Liu posted on YahooGroups on October 13, 2002

Dear Spagies,

Just to add to Ivan's report on our re-union, it was like coming home to N.P. even though most of us had never  met each other before. Thank you Ivan for doing the bulk of the work and letting me share in the credit. The mass was one of giving thanks to God and remembering our gratitude to people we remember in our school days, Thanks to Fr. Van and Fr. German for reminding us of just how fortunate we are.
The lunch gathering where not only the spagies spoke but the Loreto "girls" also shared their memories and stories were fantastic, this new twist to N.P. gathering with L.C. involvement should definitely be encouraged. Tom Bates from California recited an excellent Indian poem and sang an Indian lullaby, thank you Tom for sharing that.

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