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Pictures of the 5th NP/Loreto Reunion in Krabi, Thailand
June 12th-16th, 2011

For a full photo album put together by Chun Na Ranong........ click here




Pictures submitted by Eddie Hsu on June 23, 2011

For a full photo album put together by Chun Na Ranong........ click here



Saturday, June 11th, 2011

- Arrivals in Bangkok -  Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Bangkok

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

- Arrivals in Bangkok - Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Bangkok
- Welcome Dinner

Monday, June 13th, 2011

- Breakfast
- Departure to Suwarnabhumi Airport for flight to Krabi
- Arrival in Krabi and transfer to Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort
- Lunch at Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort
- Welcome Dinner at Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

- Breakfast at Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort
- Full Day Islands Tour
- Dinner at restaurant in Krabi

Wednesday, June 14th, 2011

- Morning at leisure
- Alumni Meetings at Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort 
- Gala Dinner at Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort

Thursday, June 15th, 2011

- Departure for Krabi Airport for flight to Bangkok
- Transfer to Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Bangkok
- Farewell Dinner at Imperial Queen's Park Hotel

Please click on the appropriate link below for Registration and Accommodation forms:
Event Registration Form
Accommodation Request Form

Total Registered till date:

In attendance with Fr. Van, then
1. Ranabir & Doel Sen, India
2. Eddie and Phyllis Hsu, U.S.A.
3. Jigme Tsarong, India
4. Ronnie Trutwein, Germany
5. Arnold McKenzie, Phillipines
6. U Thein Win, Myanmar
7. Tobgye Dorji, Bhutan
8. Paljor Dorji, Bhutan
9. Patricia & Roger Bell, Switzerland
10. Pamela (Gleeson) & Rodney James, U.K.
11. Edward Roncon & Family of 3
12. Paula Helfrich, Myanmar
13. Joan Sarasin
14. Chun Na Ranong
15. Pramod Jaiswal, India
16. Sangay Dorji, Bhutan
17. Dan & Prim Windsor, Thailand
18. Gillian Burch, U.S.A.
19. Piyush & Poornima Bhatt, Australia
20. Shreedevi Singh, India
21. Brijraj Singh, India
22. Mita Dalal, India
23. Firdaus Ruttonsha, U.K.
24. Owen Khoo, Singapore
25. Aniruddha & Ratna Lahiri

Attending the Welcome Dinner only are:
Itayama Yoshinari
Sathitphongse Lenavat, Thailand
Pranay Mondkar, India
Savika, Thailand
Suvarnapha Suvarnaprateep, Thailand
Monishi Sanyal, U.S.A.
Michael Zitek
Kasit Pirmoya, Thailand
Rachni, Thailand

Provided by Joan Sarasin on June 01, 2011.

Contact persons for this reunion are Dan Windsor and Joan (Windsor) Sarasin

1st Circular on the 5th Reunion at Krabi
June 12th-16th, 2011
Most of the votes are for Krabi as the venue for the 5th Reunion and the dates are the 2nd week of June - so arrivals should be on Friday June 10th or Saturday, June 11th, with the Welcome Dinner in Bangkok on Sunday, June 12th. We then fly down to Krabi on the earliest flight on Monday, June 13th and return to Bangkok on the morning flight on Thursday, June 16th, for the Farewell Dinner in Bangkok on the evening of June 16th, 2011.

Please click on the appropriate link below for Registration and Accommodation forms:

Event Registration Form
Accommodation Request Form


Message from Dan and Joan dated November 05, 2010

Dear All:

Both Joan and I have been very busy these past few weeks and after the terrible three months at the beginning of the year when business was at a standstill we should not complain! I am afraid that means that the  5th Reunion has to take 3rd place on our work list but go ahead we must in order to book the rooms while we are in the off period and room rates are very attractive.

I need everyone to send their vote for either Chiangrai or Krabi. The bottom line is a slight difference in  the room cost of Baht 2,500 Single/Double room at Katiliya Mountain Resort and Spa, Chiangrai and Baht 2,800 Single/Double at Krabi Sheraton net with breakfast at both venues.

We should be able to keep the cost of the Registration Fees at approximately Baht 12,000 per person excluding airline transportation which should work out at approximately Baht 5,700-6,000 per person on THAI for the flight to Chiangrai/Bk/Chiangrai and almost the same cost for Bk/Krabi/Bk, and accommodations at your own cost.

Once we have the venue finalised Joan will be able to work on the budget and will keep costs as low as possible.

The Reunion programme will be as usual -

Arrivals in Bk on either Saturday or Sunday - a Bk hotel at a very attractive room rate to be organised by Joan.

The Reunion Programme will start on Sunday evening with the traditional dinner cruise, departing on Monday morning and returning Thursday afternoon.

Please send in your vote for -

1. Chiangrai

2. Krabi

Please select only one of the following dates -

1. Sat/Sun. June 4th-5th &  Mon-Thurs. June 6th-9th

2. Sat/Sun  11th-12th,  & Mon-Thurs. 13th-16th

3. Sat/Sun  18th/19th& Mon-Thurs. 20th-23rd

4. Sat/Sun  25th/26th & Mon.Thurs. 27th-30th

We cannot offer dates in May/July because of the haze and heat in Chiangrai. Dates later than  end of June will enter the rainy season.

Love, Joan & Dan



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