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Commemoration for Jupiter Yambem at Liberty Park, NY on March 9, 2002

Gobind Daryanani Class of 1956 writes,

"East Coast NP Alumni March 9 Report

Hi All:

I have been chartered to write about the NP Alumni East Coast Gathering held on March 9, 2002. Shekhar Singh was the designated author [he's a much better writer], but a death in the family has taken him to India, and you'll need to bear with my not-so-eloquent writings.

Around 21 spagies showed up, most with their spouses, and a few kids [around 40 in all]: Here's a list:
Barun Roy, Chhewang Norsang, Chhunju Andrugsurba, Chris Liu, Dinyar Devitre, Gobind Daryanani, Jim Poncha, Kaushuk Kundu, Lo Sim Nn, Nancy Yamben, Nigel Brady, Nishit Bhattacharyya, Om Pradhan, Sameek Ray, Shekar Singh, Sonam Dorji, TashiTsering, Tseten Andruggurisa, Tsewang Pemba, Tsewang Yishey Pemba, Chandra Shrestha.

Registration was the prerequisite for going to the bar: everyone filed out the forms for the npalumni web site and had their mug shot photo taken. Ashok Sadhwani will be adding these names and the photos to the www.npalumni.org   site in the next few days. He would like to also include your pictures from NP days ... please send these to him directly.

We gathered at Chhunju's house from 1 to 4PM, chatted and hugged old friends, drank [a little], ate [a lot] , and sang the School song a few times to Chris' guitar accompaniment. Father German clearly still has the strongest "hurrah" of all of us [in the chorus verse]  , with a punch in the air that would impress Ali. He really does look good, and is full of energy!

The theme of the gathering was to commemorate our lost brother Jupiter Yambem, who died on Septemebr 11th. His wife Nancy was with us.  The formal commemorative service was held in Liberty Park with the skyline as the backdrop. Father German said a warming prayer [he's in heaven with our NP teachers, and will be there to greet us ...] and Nancy read a touching poem she had wrtten. We closed with  the School Alumni to a guitar accompaniment by Chris Liu. This was a sad but warming service.

The whole gang then gathered at the Lhasa Restaurant for dinner . We had a  room to ourselves ... the management wanted to keep this boisterous bunch away from their more discrete customers. The food was great [including momos and thukpa ,  I think ..I'm not sure of all the names... and there was plenty of it].  Sameek SK ray was our featured speaker , recalling  stories from the school days ... his cricket century against Paulites, .. the year we won all the trophies for cricket, football and hockey, escapades with the Mt. Herman and Loreto Girls  ..stories about Banner..  this guy sure was busy ... and he did so well in studies, too.  SK , we enjoyed your reminiscings [please don't mind the slight massala exaggerations].

Nigel Brady, our President of NPAA ,  is planning a Summer gathering this year in Long Island. He is making good headway in getting our alumni a non-profit status ,  so that we can make tax free contributions for NP. Meanwhile we can still contribute [tax free ] as follows:

Donations to NP Renewal Fund and NPAA Scholarship Fund
Make check out to: Jesuit Mission Bureau, 7400 York Rd, Suite 40, Baltimore, MD 21204-7531

Ashok Sadhwani: Thanks for your tireless work in fostering such a great site. The East Coast gang want to support you in every way. I know you have the West Coast group in hand. Would it be possible to also get Pictures and Bio data from the London gathering?

Chhunju needs to be congratulated for arranging this successful gathering. It took a lot of planning [including being able to bring Father German and his sister over ] .. we all thank you. The turnout was tremendous and we all had a lot of fun .

Sursum Corda

Gobind Daryanani
Class of 1956"

Fr. German and Dr. Tsewang Pemba

Nancy Yambem

Nancy and Shantin Yambem



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