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Saturday, June 29, 2002

Outside Chor Bizarre


Keith Keymer, Shankar Bose, Ian Bristow, Peter Rosambeau (half hidden), Iqbal Faruque, Alan Moss (in doorway at back), Samar Bose, Bob Leeming (in doorway, half hidden), Bill Dyer, Phillip Khan-Panni, Trevor Swatman, Mike Fereira, Terence Sweeney, Ian Taylor, Noel Cummins, Winston Pais (back), Gerry Taylor, Brian Edwards (wheelchair), Patrick Saha, Errol Stagg (tall, at back) Zahid Faruque, Brian Waynforth, Frank Ainslie (back), Robert Taylor, John Barrington, Michael Ainslie (back), Michael Brady, Frank D'Soouza, John Sullivan, John King (half hidden), Tseten Samdup, Julian Lefevre.



London 2002 – One of the best yet

The 2002 Spagies Reunion in London was held on Saturday 29th June at the classy Chor Bizarre restaurant in fashionable Mayfair.  53 North Pointers and guests attended the event, which was universally applauded as one of the best, not least because of the superb Burra Khana.

Everyone was welcomed at noon with a glass of wine, and at 12:30 the brilliant young chef, Mandpreet Singh Ahuja, gave a talk and demonstration of his art.  The buffet lunch was a tour de force, both in the range and quantity of the dishes, but especially in the quality.  The restaurant itself provided an appropriately upmarket ambience, as befits a gathering of venerable veterans from the School on the Hill.

At the close of the meal there was the traditional recitation of nursery rhymes in Hindi by Brian Edwards (NP ‘’35-’45), who was bravely present despite an amputation above the knee.  The man’s resilience is astonishing, and once again he gave a bravura performance.

Mike Fereira (NP ’46?-’54) followed with a speech on behalf of Fr Van who was unable to join us.  Mike said he had travelled from India specially for the event, and spoke about developments in Darjeeling and North Point, urging us to contribute to the rebuilding fund, as every pound sterling buys 68 rupees these days, and a lot more in India than in the UK.  He is an example of a North Pointer who achieved fame (and a spot in the Guinness Book of Records) after leaving Darjeeliing, as the highest scoring billiards champion.

Two contemporaries from the Fifties, Frank D’Souza (NP ’51-’55) and Phillip (Farid) Khan-Panni (NP ’47-’56), brought their daughters along, to pass the baton to the next generation, so to speak.  Both Melanie and Zerina were fascinated by the tales of the mountains and the congenial company of characters straddling several generations of Spagies.  Trevor Swatman (NP ’39-’50) and his wife Noli travelled from Toronto, Canada, for the reunion, and Patrick Saha (NP ’47) flew over from the States with his wife Ginger.

It was noted, with sadness, that several North Pointers had recently gone to the School in the Sky, notably Titmun Chun (NP’39-’48), Rex Fawkes (NP ’39-’47) and John Atkinson (NP ’41-’46).

The event was organised by Phillip Khan-Panni, ably assisted by Robert Taylor (NP ’47-’55), and raised £729 (49,572 rupees if my maths are right) for the rebuilding programme.  PKP announced that Fr Van hopes to be in London towards the end of September, and that he would organise a mini reunion then.  Anyone interested in attending should contact him on +44(0)20 8466 7026 or email him at: phillip@mainspeaker.com.

Those who attended the reunion were:

Phillip Khan-Panni
Evelyn Ryan
Zerina Finch (Khan-Panni)
Derek Finch
Michael Brady
Louise Mutton
Peter Rosambeau
Mary Rosambeau
Gerry Taylor
Iqbal Faruque
Zahid Faruque
John Barrington
Errol Stagg
Patrick Saha
Ginger Saha
Bill Dyer
Michael Fereira

Ian Taylor
Trevor Swatman
Noli Swatman
Frank Ainslie
Keith Keymer
Shirley Keymer
Noel Cummins
Kathleen Cummins
Ian Bristow
Olga Bristow
Michael Ainslie
Marlene Ainslie
Brian Edwards
Iris Edwards
Alan Moss
Antoinette Moss
Frank D’Souza
Melanie D’Souza

Robert Leeming
Yvonne Newton (Leeming)
John King
Terence Sweeney
Robert Taylor
Rosemary Taylor
Lynda Wallace
Julian Lefevre
Brian Waynforth
Winston Pais
Merlyn Pais (Antao)
Tseten Samdup
Shankar Bose
Samar Bose
John Sullivan
(One latecomer + guest)

Sursum Corda.
Phillip Khan-Panni
35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL, UK




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