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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bombay Palace
50 Connaught Street, London W2 2AA
12:00 noon to 4:00pm

 Announcement from Philip Khan-Panni for U.K.'s annual North Point bash

If you are walking from Marble Arch, go up Edgware Road and take the second on the left (Connaught Street). The restaurant is at the far end, junction with Hyde Park Street. If you are walking from Lancaster Gate, head towards Marble Arch and take the 4th or 5th on the left (Hyde Park Street). The restaurant is on the next corner on your right.

TAMASHA: We’d like to make it a little different this year and encourage some of you to bring your families, so I have booked a magician to entertain us from 2:15 for about half an hour. PK Saha will also give us a short talk called, “To what extent are we conscious of the language we use?”

PRICES: The price for adults will be just £30 per head, all inclusive, which is £6 less than last year. For children aged 5-10 it’s half price (£15) and younger children will eat free. If you require a vegetarian option just tick the box on the Booking form.

Please complete the Booking Form and return it to me with your cheque for £30 per adult plus £15 per child aged 5-10. As usual, you are invited to add a donation for either North Point or its off-shoot, St Joseph’s at Mungpoo.

Those who have booked so far are: PK Saha*, Ginger Saha*, Robin Prossor*, Zoila Prossor*, Woser Prosser* (aged 6), Ian Prossor*, Puspa Prossor*, Tony Duncan*, Freddie Ruttonshaw, Cyrus Mistry, Jurek Pinches, Alan Noah*, Fleurette Noah*, Brian Robb*, Shankar Bose*, Subankar Bose*, Noel Cummins, Kathleen Cummins, Peter Lodrick, Yvonne Lodrick, Peter Rosambeau, Michael Brady, Louise Mutton, Ian Taylor, Neeraj Agarwal*, Albion Gee, Jane Gee, Errol Stagg*, John Prideaux, Pauline Prideaux, Winston Pais, Merlyn Pais, Trevor Swatman*, Noli Swatman*, Iqbal Faruque*, Mohammed Faruque*, Zerina (Khan-Panni) Finch, Derek Finch, Milly Finch (aged 7) Zac Finch (aged 4). (Those marked * have still to let me have their cheques, except those from overseas.)

Also expected are Jimmy and Billy Pyke, Anne Pyke, Gerry Taylor, Keith Keymer, Shirley Keymer, Brian Edwards, Iris Edwards, Bob Leeming? Yvonne Newton? Azim Lalljee, Yugal Rai, Sunil Sharma and Samar Bose.

Sursum corda!

Phillip Khan-Panni
35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL, U.K.



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