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Saturday, June 26, 2010

REPORT ON 2010 LONDON REUNION by Phillip Khan-Panni

The London Reunion this year was down on numbers. Those who came were:

Errol Stagg, P K Saha, Ginger Saha, David Lodrick, Peter Lodrick, Cyrus Mistry, Brian Robb, Jules Delespino, Errol Eden (guest), Ian Taylor, Robert Taylor, Rosemary Taylor, Peter Rosambeau, Bob Leeming, Yvonne Newton, Norman Noah, Iqbal Faruque, Mohamed Faruque, Brian Edwards, Iris Edwards, John King, Ian Prossor, Keith Keymer, Shirley Keymer, Julian Lefevre, Gerry Taylor, Billy Pyke, Anne Pyke, Freddie Ruttonshaw, John Prideaux (guest), Pauline Prideaux (guest), Zerina Finch (my daughter), Derek Finch, Evelyn Khan-Panni, Myself  

The Quilon did us proud with an excellent meal, and there was plenty of room to move around and mingle, but with reduced numbers we did not have the whole restaurant to ourselves.

We gave Norman Noah a replacement award as the one he should have received in 2007 went astray.  He was delighted with the Citation that went with it.  A similar replacement award will be on its way to Trevor Archer who also missed out in 2007.

A further award was announced for Amal Ganguli, the 2010 nominee.

Through diligent searching I have  located the snail mail addresses for both Trevor and Amal and will be sending them their awards and Citations when I return from Ireland in a week's time.

We really need more alumni to get involved, especially those post 1960.  I have a sense of the passing of an era, as the bulk of attendees at these reunions have been from the 40s and 50s, and they are, with due respect, not getting younger or more numerous.  I myself am from the '56 batch, so you can do the maths.

I am keen to maintain an association of NP Alumni in Britain, but I do need some input from others.  If you know of any North Pointers living in or near Britain, please ask them to get in touch with me.

Finally, a personal note.  I am just completing a book about my time in North Point.  Haven't got a publisher yet, but it will be ready for publication in about a week or so.  It's called Picking Wild Daisies.

Sursum corda.

Phillip Khan-Panni



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