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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Report by Phillip Khan-Panni

First an apology.  This is much overdue following our London Reunion at the end of June.  This was due to a couple of family matters that have absorbed all my spare time.

Evelynís mother was unwell for much of this year (aged 100) and finally went to meet her Maker a few weeks ago.  We had to go back and forth between London and Ireland several times.  Just after that, my daughterís husband was murdered in a gangland killing. The funeral was Tuesday.  As you can imagine, it has been a stressful time.

Today is our fourth Wedding Anniversary, so hereís to happier times!

London Reunion. Numbers were down this year.  Those who attended were:

Iqbal Faruque, Gerald Taylor, Ian Taylor, Jules Delespino, Errol Eden, Michael Brady, Louise Mutton, Alan Noah, Maurice Moses, PK Saha, Ginger Saha, Bob Leeming, Yvonne Newton, Neeraj Agarwal, John Barrington, Keith Keymer, Shirley Keymer, Robert Taylor, Rosemary Taylor, Pamela Hussain, Peter Lodrick, Anji Rolls, Terry Meads, Ian Prossor, Billy Pyke, Anne Pyke, John Prideaux, Pauline Prideaux, Peter Rosambeau, Mary Rosambeau, Freddy Ruttonshaw, Brian Boffey, Joan Boffey, Julian Lefevre, Devdan Sen, Brian Hayes, BB Roy.

Sursum corda.

Phillip Khan-Panni



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