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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Report by Phillip Khan-Panni

The 2008 London Reunion at Chutney Mary went like a dream.  There were 68 of us, the meal was terrific and the service first class.  Fr Van, our guest of honour, said a few words, in which he reminded us of the excellence of our NP education, and said the school was now keen to take those standards and those values into areas where good schooling was not currently available -- places like Mungpoo.

He emphasised that Mungpoo is an extension of North Point, not a separate project, so any support we give it will not be at the expense of our school.

Brian Edwards once again regaled us (and surprised the waiters) with his nursery rhymes in Hindi, and Anji Rolls very kindly took a bucket round to collect further donations for Mungpoo and NP.  Pamela Ford, who isn't even a Spagie but is related to Fr O'Neill (of O'Neill House fame), gave invaluable help at the door and made a very generous donation to school funds. 

Total collected should convert to something north of 1.6 lakhs (2,100 GBP, plus 85 GBP retained surplus from the meal charges).  When the bank has done its bit I'll let you know the exact amount.

Unfortunately there was not enough time for all the re-connections that people wanted, and several congregated at a nearby pub afterwards.  We had a very welcome flying visit from
Leo Carbone from Spain via Brussels.  Others who travelled a long way were Mohammed Faruque (Pakistan), Siladitya Bhattacharya (Scotland), Kamlesh Jhaveri, Ashok and Sharmila Chanda (India), Phil Laden La, P.K. and Ginger Saha (USA), Trevor and Noli Swatman (Canada), Gerry Taylor (just back from Kenya) and Deki and Nicholas Rhodes (recently back from Singapore).  My brother Aziz managed to squeeze a visit between his rehearsal and performance at the Festival Hall that day, and Alfred Simon got there just before the end.

Those who attended were:

Brian Edwards                    Iris Edwards                      Albion Gee

Celia Rustom                      Errol Stagg                       Brian Robb

Errol Eden                         Barin (BB) Roy                   John Barrington

Evelyn Khan-Panni              Phillip Khan-Panni               Gerry Taylor

Fr. Van                             Isith Gangooly                   Aziz Khan Panni

Ian Prossor                        Kate McLaughlan               Nick Prossor

Jane Gee                           Peter Lodrick                     Kamlesh Jhaveri

Julian Lefevre                     Noel Cummins                    Kathleen Cummins

Michael Brady                     Louise Mutton                    Peter Rustom

Mike Ainslie                        Marlene Ainslie                   Keith Keymer

Mohammed Faruque             Ashok Chanda                    Sharmila Chanda

Namita Prossor                   Anji Rolls                           Pamela Ford

Noel Simon                        Anoosh Simon                    Jules Del Espino

Norman Noah                     Bob Leeming                      Yvonne Newton

P.K. Saha                          Ginger Saha                       Leo Carbone

Pamela Hussain                   Kewal Moktan                    Siladitya Bhattacharya

Pamela James                     Rodney James                   Alan Noah

Peter Rosambeau                Mary Rosambeau                Phil Laden La               

Deki Rhodes                       Nicholas Rhodes                 Shirley Keymer                  

Robert Taylor                     Rosemary Taylor                 Ian Taylor

Sujit Sen                           Malabika Sen                     Swetha Sukumar

Trevor Swatman                 Noli Swatman                     Yvonne Lodrick

Devdan Sen                       Haik Stevens

Those who declined this year include:

David Lodrick, Dhrubo Gupta, Amal Ganguly, Guy Tickner, Radley Pereira, Orlando Antao, Ranjan Sen, Winston Pais, Brian Hewland, Brian Boffey, Peter
Martin, Peter Gogerly, T M Leong, Barry Morrow, Ken Staynor, Noreen Dunne, Billy Pyke, Pradeep Singhania, Richard Ashby, Ishu Lakhani, Jurek Pinches and Iqbal Faruque, the last two crying off at the eleventh hour because of illness.

donations I could identify were from:

Guy Tickner, Radley Pereira, Brian Hewland, Winston Pais, Peter Martin, Kewal Moktan, Noel Simon, Jules Del Espino, Peter Rosambeau, John Barrington, Jurek Pinches, Ian Taylor, Michael Brady, Bob Leeming, Keith Keymer, Mike Ainslie, Robert Taylor, Albion Gee, Kewal Moktan, Peter Lodrick, Norman Noah, John Farrell, Isith Gangooly. Barin 'BB' Roy, Ian Prossor, Gerry Taylor, Devdan Sen, Pamela Ford, Aziz Khan Panni, Leo Carbone, Evelyn Khan-Panni and myself.  Quite a few others added to the collection taken by Anji Rolls (my apologies if I have missed out anyone).

Huge thanks to you all!

Sursum corda.

Phillip Khan-Panni


Dear North Pointer,


The 2008 Reunion is looming!  It will be on:


Saturday 28th June 2008

12:30 to 4:00pm



535 Kingís Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0SZ


Please note the change of venue.  Bombay Brasserie will be closed for renovation during June, so we canít go there this year.


Chutney Mary is a fantastic alternative, if slightly more expensive.  This from their website:


Namita Panjabi and Ranjit Mathrani created Chutney Mary in 1990 in Chelsea, London. It rapidly became London's most fashionable and highly acclaimed Indian restaurant and twice received the award of Best Indian Restaurant in the UK from the authoritative Good Curry Guide.

Chutney Mary underwent a total transformation in 2002. Its new, sophisticated look and a menu makeover once more ensured its position as UK's leading Indian restaurant. This transformation has received much praise. It received the prestigious London Restaurant Award as the Indian Restaurant of the Year, and the authoritative Square Meal Guide has rated it as the Best Modern Indian Restaurant in London in 2003, and 2004.

The charge this year for a three course meal will be £29.50, including VAT, service and a small contribution towards administration.


The restaurant is located at Stamford Bridge Ė the western end of Kingís Road.  Itís two minutes from Fulham Broadway Tube station and Chelsea Football club, and there is meter parking in nearby streets. 


Iíll send you the booking details very soon.  First I want to set up a new bank account in the name of NP Alumni.


Sursum Corda.


Phillip Khan-Panni



Phillip Khan-Panni MBA PSA Founder
Speaker, Author, Trainer in Communication Skillls

35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL
t: 020-8466 7026  m: 07768 696254
w: www.phillipkhan-panni.com

For further information and to confirm attendance , please contact:

Phillip Khan-Panni

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