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Saturday, June 30, 2007

For post-reunion report, click here


From Phillip Khan-Panni, 35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL
T: 0845 165 9240  F: 0845 165 9241 E: phillip@mainspeaker.com

April 2007

Dear North Pointer,
I have pleasure in attaching the notice of this year's North Point Reunion in London.
As before, it will be at the Bombay Brasserie, and I hope to have some pics to show you, taken on our visit to Calcutta and Darjeeling in March.  The International Re-union there was a great success, and I really enjoyed going back to India for the first time since I left, a lifetime ago.
If you ever want to be cured of complaining about traffic in England, take a ride in a Calcutta taxi!!
We really need to increase our numbers.  Do you know of any North Pointers in Europe?  Where are all the younger ones?  A few, such as Cyrus Mistry, Jurek Pinches and Julian Lefevre have bravely turned up, but let's get more of their generation and even younger.
This year, for the first time, the (US) Alumni Association decided to give Distinguished Alumni Awards for significant lifetime achievements, and  a couple of them have still to be handed over.  I plan to present them at our London gathering.  Think about whom you'd like to nominate next time around.
Evelyn and I went to Mungpoo to see the Bamboo School that Fr Van is having built.  For those who do not know about it, the Mungpoo School is called St Joseph's.  It is being built out of bamboo, which is treated to make it durable.  Cheaper than concrete and a renewable material.  The site is a former cinchona plantation -- quinine is now synthesised, so cinchona bark is no longer needed.  It is the first secondary school in the area, and locals have been asking the Jesuits to build them a school for the past 35 years.  Fees charged are ludicrously low -- and the school is up and running with three classes, even though construction is incomplete, and managing on a slender shoestring.
I am also attaching a small pic taken at Mungpoo, and hope you will forgive me for overloading you with attachments.
If you are joining us on June 30th, please print out the App Form and post it to me, completed, with your cheque.  I'm looking forward to a good crowd again this year, and hope to see you there.
Sursum corda.
Phillip Khan-Panni

(Click on App Form. It will open up the form in MSWord, then Save As.... on your computer)

Phillip Khan-Panni

Post-reunion report (Submitted by Philip Khan-Panni on July 3, 2007)

Hello again,


According to some, last Saturday’s London Reunion at The Bombay Brasserie was one of the best.  The rains came and London was on bomb alert, but almost all who were expected managed to turn up. Only Jurek Pinches could not make it, because he had been taken ill, but he very generously asked for his money to be added to the collection for Mungpoo school.


Those who came were:


Ainslie, MICHAEL

Ainslie, MARLENE


Barrington, JOHN

Bhutia, TENNY

Bhutia, KESANG


Cameron, PETER

Cummins, NOEL


Delespino, JULES


Edwards, BRIAN

Edwards, IRIS

Faruque, IQBAL


Ford, FRED



Horney, NICKY
Staynor, KEN

Horney, NICKY

Keymer, KEITH


Khan-Panni, PHILLIP

Khan-Panni, EVELYN

Leeming, BOB

Lefevre, JULIAN

Lodrick, PETER

Mutton, LOUISE

Newton, YVONNE




Prossor, ROBIN

Prossor, ZOJILA


Prossor, IAN


Rosambeau, PETER

Rosambeau, MARY

Saha, P.K. (PATRICK)


Simon, NOEL


Sinclair, JAMES

Staynor, PAUL

Swatman, TREVOR

Swatman, NOLI

Taylor, IAN

Taylor, ROBERT


Thein (Nath), RAJ


Apologies were received from:


Archer, TREVOR

Bilimoria, LIM


Deefholts, LES

Dyer, BILL


Gogerly, PETER

Gogerly, RON


King, JOHN

Kingsley, DAVID

La Bouchardiere, BASIL

Laden La, PHIL

Leeming, RON

Mistry, CYRUS


Peters, G E


Pires, ALAN


Rustom, PETER

Ruttonshaw, FREDDIE

Stagg, ERROL

Sullivan, JOHN

Tickner, GUY

Worth, FRANK


The Swatmans travelled from Toronto, Canada, to be with us, and the Sahas likewise from the US, while the Faruque brothers came in from Pakistan, and Charlotte Dunne from India.  Others who made long journeys to be with us included Ken and Paul Staynor, Orlando Antao, Bob Leeming and his sister, Yvonne Newton, and the Fords, the Prossor/Bhutia clan, the Rosambeaus, the Keymers and Edwardses, Ian and Gerry Taylor, and Peter Cameron.


I gave a brief account of the International Reunion in March.  Jules Delespino wanted to know if Queen’s was still in business just outside the school gates, and did they still serve unda-parathas.  Noel Simon added a serious note.  A full account, with photos, has been posted at: http://www.npalumni.org/reunion_darjeeling_2007_reports.htm




Donations for St Joseph’s School. Mungpoo came from:


Brian Hewland (not a North Pointer), Michael Brady, Peter Rosambeau, Orlando Antao, Peter Cameron, John Barrington, Bob Leeming, Jurek Pinches, Winston Pais, Ranjan Sen (who did not attend), Ian Taylor, Raj Thein, Noel Simon, Jules Delespino, Peter Lodrick, Richard Ashby (did not attend), Albion Gee, Robert Taylor, Dhrubo Gupta (from India), myself and a number of others who handed Evelyn a total of £266 cash at the end of the reunion.


Those generous donations totalled £1,256.62 (the 62p being part of Dhrubo’s contribution when converted into sterling).  That should convert to just over one lakh (Rs.100,000) – target achieved!  Thank you all very much.  You may never realise how much can be done with every single pound you contributed, and what the Mungpoo school is already doing with your support.





It was with great sadness that we learned that Frank Ainslie had gone to the Big School in the Sky.  Apparently a heart attack took him away.  The assembled company stood in silence for a minute, to pay their respects, before singing the NP Chorus.


Frank had been a regular at all such events, and we were puzzled as to why we had not heard from him.  Now we know.  He was an enthusiastic North Pointer and Calcuttan, and we shall miss him.




We shall, of course, hold our annual reunion on the last Saturday of June next year.  But we have just received early notice of next year’s Hill Schools Reunion which will be held at the Clay Oven Banqueting Suites, Ealing Road, Wembley on Wednesday 28th May.


This is a change of date.  The event has always been in March, but next year will be in May.  The cost will be £29.50 per person.  There will be a limit of 500 for the event, so if you’d like to be there, make your cheque payable to HSR and send it either to me at the above address (so I can arrange for us all to sit together) or to the Treasurer: Paul Dickson, 4 Gilman Crescent, Windsor, Berks. SL4 4YN.  Questions to dicksonp@btinternet.com (tel: 01753 865972).




As I said at the Reunion, this year’s awards were just the start of the scheme, and the list of awardees was by no means comprehensive.


Please give some thought to which North Pointers you would nominate for an award at the next International Alumni Reunion in 2009.




The next gathering of worldwide alumni will be at Koh Chang (Elephant Island) which is at the eastern part of Thailand, near the border with Cambodia.  It’s a holiday paradise with white sandy beaches and magnificent hotels.  Look it up on the internet.  I’ll send you details as they become available … but start saving up now!  It will be a fantastic  holiday in 2009.  Probably March of that year.


Finally, please let me know if you change your address, phone number or email address.  Also, if you know any North Pointers, do ask them if they received this Newsletter.  If not, ask them to email me at: Phillip@mainspeaker.com.


Sursum corda.


Phillip Khan-Panni

For further information and to confirm attendance , please contact:

Phillip Khan-Panni

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