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Saturday, June 24, 2006


From Phillip Khan-Panni, 35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL
T: 0845 165 9240  F: 0845 165 9241 E: phillip@4cinternational.com

May 2006

Dear North Pointer,
The 2006 Reunion is looming!  It will be on: 

Saturday 24th June 2006
12 noon to 3:30pm
The Bombay Brasserie
Courtfield Close, Courtfield Road, London SW7 4UH
(Opp. Gloucester Road Tube Station) Tel: 020 7370 4040

The menu is even more exciting than last year:

Andhra Fried Chicken
Vegetable Samosas
Vegetable Soup of the Day

Fish Dahiwala
Chicken Pepper Fry
Lamb Moghlai
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Dal Masala
Vegetable Pulao
Naan / Paratha
5 assorted salads / Raita

Gulab Jamun
Rice Kheer
Fresh fruit salad

Tea & Coffee

If you havenít already done so, please complete and return the Booking Form, together with your cheque for £25 per person, made out to P.F. Khan-Panni.  The charge includes VAT, Service and a contribution towards admin., and is the same as we charged last year.  You may, of course, add an amount for the school rebuilding fund.  Guests are welcome, but please PRINT their full names on the Booking Form, and the same with your own name.

If you would like some particular kind of tamasha on the day, please write your idea(s) on your booking form.

(Click on Booking Form. It will open up the form in MSWord, then Save As.... on your computer)

Phillip Khan-Panni

For further information and to confirm attendance , please contact:

Phillip Khan-Panni

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