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Saturday, June 25, 2005


From Phillip Khan-Panni, 35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL

T: 0845 165 9240  F: 0845 165 9241 E: phillip@4cinternational.com


April 2005

Dear North Pointer,


The 2005 Reunion is looming!  It will be on:


Saturday 25th June 2005

12 noon to 3:30pm


The Bombay Brasserie,

 Courtfield Close, Courtfield Road, London SW7 4UH

(Opp. Gloucester Road Tube Station) Tel: 020 7370 4040


Once again, the menu is mouth watering:


Lamb Gobi Kebab

Aloo Tikki

Vegetable Soup of the Day


Fish Salina

Chicken Dahiwala (in yogurt)

Achar Gosht (Spicy lamb)

Mixed Vegetable Masala

Aloo Rassa

Dal Masala

Peas Pulao

Naan / paratha

5 assorted salads / Raita


Gulab Jamun

Rice Kheer

Fresh fruit salad


Tea & Coffee


If you haven’t already done so, please complete and return the Booking Form, together with your cheque for £25 per person, made out to P.F. Khan-Panni.  The charge includes VAT, Service and a contribution towards admin., but is less than we charged last year.  You may, of course, add an amount for the school rebuilding fund.  Guests are welcome, but please PRINT their full names on the Booking Form, and the same with your own name.


In order not to be a slave to repetition (and because of some requests from others) I considered a couple of alternative venues, but still feel that the Bombay Brasserie offers us the best combination of food, location, space and service.  Do you agree?


At the same time, I recognise that others may have their own ideas on how these reunions should be run, so I’d be glad to hand over to anyone else who cares to take it on.  Let me know if you are interested.


I believe that Fr Van hopes to be with us again this year, and I hope he will bring news of the latest developments at the School on the Hill.  His latest note to me included this;


The building and renewal of North Point is about half over. The whole town is very pleased with what has happened so far. Many come over to see the kitchen and the dining room, the new open parlour (created out of the space where there were two little rooms just inside the front entrance). So many things are completed  but the classroom space and several accessory things for the LD especially are still being worked at. When we built the swimming pool and the gymnasium in 1978-81, it took away the LD pavilion so now those things are being replaced along the Lebong end of the field.


You probably already know that Fr Van now keeps the school open during the winter, offering free lessons and use of facilities to the underprivileged young of Darjeeling.  I’d say he is genuinely doing God’s work, wouldn’t you?  And I think we should support his efforts as much as possible.  Please add something to your cheque for the Reunion meal.  If, for example you add just the cost of another meal (as though you were paying for a guest) your £25 would be converted into Rs.2,000.  And it would buy much more than £25 in London.


Fr Van says he has always been encouraged by the support of the boys at North Point and that students make teachers just as much as teachers make students.  Let me tell you about one North Pointer, in particular.




I have an Autograph Book (remember those?) from my schooldays in the ‘50s.  The cover has disappeared, but of the remaining book, the front page has this:


“There are two ways of rising in the world:

Either by one’s own industry or profiting

By the foolishness of others.”


It was signed: “I remain your true friend, George.”  It was George Hla Bu, who went to the School in the Sky earlier this year.  His cousin, Mike Jala wrote this:


George Hla Bu passed away on February 24 at Holy Spirit Hospital in Harrisburg, Pa after a short illness which was diagnosed as leukemia. It appeared that there was an overdose of radiation either from his workplace or during the last week of his treatment, both of which were highly suspect.


George was a classmate of mine in the ‘50s, and as fine an example of high principle as you could hope to find.  He encouraged everyone he met, including Fr Van, who often tells the story of how a word of support from George made all the difference, in his early days as the class teacher of Sixth Standard, when he (Fr Van) was unsure whether his teaching was acceptable.


Rest in peace, George.  Those who knew you will never forget you.


Phillip Khan-Panni

Report on this Reunion may be found by clicking here

For further information and to confirm attendance , please contact:

Phillip Khan-Panni

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