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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Time: Venue:
12:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Bombay Brasserie, Courtfield Close, Courtfield Road , London SW7 4UH

(Opp. Gloucester Road Tube Station) Tel: 020 7370 4040

Report on the Reunion



35 Hillbrow Road , Bromley , Kent BR1 4JL, UK

tel: +4420 8466 7026  fax: +4420 8466 8100

email: phillip@mainspeaker.com

2 APRIL 2003


Dear Spagie,

First things first.  This year’s Reunion in London will again be on the last Saturday in June.  I shall confirm details nearer the date, but I expect the charge to be £25 per person, and here’s a sample menu (which may change slightly) of the Buffet Lunch:


STARTERS:  Chicken Peri Peri / Cocktail vegetable samosas


MAIN :Fish Dahiwala (simmered in spicy yoghurt)

             Chicken Lababdar (in onions, tomatoes and methi flavoured cream)

             Lamb Pepper Fry (spicy, with curry leaves)

             Aloo Palak (Potatoes & Spinach)

              Gobi Muttar (Cauliflower and Peas)

             Dal Massala (Traditional lentils)

             Vegetable Pulao

             Cucumber Raita, 5 Salads, Naan, Paratha


DESSERTS:  Sooji Halwa / Shahi Tukra / Fruit Salad


Tea / Coffee


You can book your place now by sending me a cheque for £25 per person, together with your name and the name of any guest (in block capitals, please).  As there will be an upper limit on numbers, it must be first come, first served.  Please make cheques payable to P.F. Khan-Panni.  Address at the top of this page.


Now for some other news.


DATABASE:  Some time ago I sent out some Database sheets, to collect info about Spagies.  Most have been completed and returned, but some have not.  What about you – did you send yours back?


I was delighted to see that we have no less than 3 MBEs, one World Champion (Mike Ferreira – Billiards)) and one World Silver Medallist (Phillip Khan-Panni – Public Speaking).  Do you know of any other distinctions?


RIP:  Inevitably some of our schoolmates will depart for the School in the Sky, but it is particularly sad to lose one prematurely. Prithiviraj Mohanty (Tito), NP ’71, passed away aged 48 on 8th March in Calcutta .  It was a massive heart attack.  PK Mahapatra, NP ’71, writes that “he will be remembered by all the ‘71 batch and his warm heart and jovial manner will remain with us for as long as we live.”


FR VAN:  For those who haven’t heard, Fr Van’s birthday was on 6th March.  You can send him your greetings at: gvanwall@yahoo.com  

OLD BOYS: I recently put out a call for news of Spagies in England, and received news of Janak De (NP ’55) who now lives in the Czech Republic and Kai Nicholson (NP ’55) who lives in Poona.  At school, both were slightly off mainstream!  Janak used to peer at the skies from the UD dorm window, at night, while Kai carved “Rommel” across his Study Hall desk.  Also got news of Rusi Dordi and Peter Rustom  Any more?


FR BURNS:  I heard that Fr Burns was unwell, but do not have the latest on him.  Can anyone help?  I remember him fondly as the man who made me the fittest I have ever been when he ran the boxing training in 1954.  We had to rise very early and go for a run. The only treat was a ‘dog biscuit’ (a shortcake slab) with a note on the tin written by Fr FitzGerald.  It said:  “One only.  Noblesse Oblige”.  Tommy Leong said, “Noblesse can obleege all it likes.  I’m having two.”  And he did.


COMPUTER PROBLEMS:  Viruses attacked several of us, but fortunately the yahoo group seems clean now.  One incredibly helpful chap was Errol Stagg  (NP ’54) who seems to know everything electric, electronic and mechanical.  Here are some of his words of advice:


  • Don’t forget to add a fire wall to your security if you haven’t already done so.  You can get a free download called Zone Alarm from www.zonelabs.com.  This one is highly recommended for home PCs.  You will be amazed how often Hackers are blocked with this software.
  • If you have lost your address book, and are using a Windows operating system: From START à Accessories à System Tools à Scheduled Tasks.  Use the Wizard to make Address Book a Scheduled Task, e.g. once a week / Sunday / 12:30pm .  The address Book will appear on your Desktop every Sunday, and you can then copy it to a floppy disk.


FUNDING:  Finally, the School’s building project is progressing well, but they are still desperately short of funds.  If you can and would like to help with a donation, please send it to me and I shall put it together with all other donations and despatch it to Fr Van in the most efficient manner possible, so that little or no bank or exchange charges are incurred.  What about popping a tenner in the post now?  (Or more, if you can).

FUTURE:  John Barrington MBE, a stalwart of the '50s, has recommended setting up the UK Alumni group as a charity, so that every donation gets the benefit of the tax back.  Unless anyone has any strong objections, I think we'll go down that route, and get HM Government to contribute to the NP building project.  

See you on Saturday 28th June.  Sursum Corda.


Phillip Khan-Panni

For further information and to confirm attendance , please contact:

Phillip Khan-Panni (phillip@pkp.co.uk)

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