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REPORT of the
5th Annual U.S. West Coast NORTH POINT REUNION in LAS VEGAS Friday to Sunday, October 25, 26 27, 2002

The rampant chaos of Las Vegas was tamed that weekend when the North Pointers hit town. Certainly the city was expecting the boys from the hills. In count the North Point family were under two dozen. In spirit, the city is still counting the magnanimous spread of good cheer it was blessed with, with the presence of faces from North Point circa 1947 through 1975.

The North Point stamp on Las Vegas’ history was enunciated Saturday morning when a contingent of alumni gathered at baggage carousel number four to receive Reverend Fr. Van arrived from Winnipeg, Canada. Little boys in short pants, seniors in long and all across the P.D., L.D., U.D. spectrum, the image of students gathered in time and space warps of one’s memories of the school on the hill transposed itself judiciously onto the smorgasbord crowd of ex-North Pointers assembled at McCarran International Airport. Had one looked closely, inside their eyes that is, short and long pants in grey could be instantly swapped and those men would not look any different than the boys they had been on that quadrangle many years ago.

Because pictures will speak for a thousand words and more, look for them in these here confines. Moving ahead to the meeting, it was a very different reunion this time. It was also evident that the network has matured and the get together was not like the last time. On their turn to speak, each North Pointer opened out their heart and gave voice to their feelings which are wrapped in the words that follow: Hark.

Tamding Tempo ’62 – What are the details in the school curriculum and how is the current body of students being taught? How are they being prepared for the umpteen courses offered by colleges in India and abroad? What kind of training is being provided for them to make valuable academic decisions for their future studies? Does counseling exist to assist students prior to graduation?

Mukesh Michandani ’67 – Usually, the parents play a major role in deciding their son’s future. It is remarkable to witness the deep dedication everyone has to the school’s future and their concern about the students. In addition to the vocational guidance that the school provides the parents of the boy should be informed of the potential and acumen that the student possesses and thereby they may consider advising and encouraging their son in that overall direction. Though children seem to be well informed these days parents do influence the decision making.

Monishi Sanyal ’63 – The students need to be constantly motivated. Can we set up a marketing drive to recruit new alumni to join? Many who wish to network will ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Devise ways to get members in. Focus on their ego, love for the school and so on. Also the reality of life ‘out there’ should be taught to the students.

Joki DeSouza ’71 – Since Fr. Van requires approximately $750,000 equal to the Indian Rupees for the Vision 2000+, I could set up a bond within 30-60 days for the total amount and have the money available to Fr. Van. The project will require the establishment of a sinking fund with pledges from all alumni for their share of contributions over the next  three years to seven or 10 years so that the sinking fund could get repaid. These would be funds borrowed from State Bank of India in U.S. Dollars and swapped into Indian Rupees to reduce the borrowing costs from 13% (Indian Rupees) to 3.5%(USD).

Chuck Wong ’75 – Fr. Van has been doing all this work for the alumni and we should now set up a chain of command to assist and perform the tasks to grow the network.

Ronnie Leong ’64 – Our immediate goal should be to raise enough money for current projects.

Swapan Roy ’65 – What kinds of discipline are the boys being taught especially taking into view today’s state of world affairs concerning terrorism.

Eddie Hsu ’57 – Put your heart behind your efforts and results will be forthcoming. A joint endeavor of all North Pointers needs passion. Other suggestions shall be provided later.

Ashok Sadhwani ’71 – There should be defined objectives for all future reunions and a focus on attaining them. We should decide soon when the next U.S. West Coast reunion should be held. During that meeting we should be able to view the results of our actions implemented since this reunion. Alumni who are authors should consider writing a biography of Fr. Van and/or assist him in an autobiography.

Soumitra Ghosh ’70 – We should develop a networking strategy and bring in younger graduates who will be closer in heart and spirit to the school thereby regenerating the worldwide alumni. We should also implement fund raising development campaigns. Defining goals is part of reality and we should work towards that. Pool our resources together and put back into our school.

Peter David Fong (Sunny) ’56 – Am not prepared and would like to contribute suggestions later.

Phil Ladenla '48 - When we reflect on what the school has done for each of us, and what it means to each of us, we can only show our appreciation by helping it now. So please consider giving to the school. Give from your heart and whatever you can afford, knowing that the economic situation has been tough this year.

Mark Jonah ’47 – Astounded that despite all of us leaving school many years ago, we still have a passion to help the school. I learnt discipline, tolerance and respect in school and harbor much love for the institution that provided me with my primary education. Students need to be taught more than just "things" and facts. They need to be taught how to apply this knowledge in social and business situations. They need to learn the arts of people management, leadership, and decision making, among other skills and how to use them in a progressively complex global society.

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