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Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Report on the Kolkata Reunion

Rajesh Poddar wrote on November 15, 2008

It will interest you to know that the Calcutta chapter of the NPAA held its signature annual event "NOSTALGIA" today. It was very well attended and went off very well.

The chapter felicitated Fr. Nunn,  which I think was a wonderful decision of the organisers. It was really a trip down memory lane. As a matter of fact I would say that it was better than visiting NP. Going there you miss something. After a lot of thought, I realised that you miss the people you were with.

We were four from the '71 batch. Jaggi, me, Maha & Joki who flew in from Milan. Chugani was also there from our batch but technically from '72. From the '70 batch we had Singhania who is the current President, B.K.Arya and P.K.Das. Cyrus Madan read out the felicitation address beautifully. Had he spoken one more phrase he would have burst out in tears and so would most of us. Fr. Nunn's position was similar except that he started with a heavy voice but soon recovered. It was really a poignant moment for everyone present and more so for those of us who knew him well.

Of late, I have not been very active in the Alumni but I thought that I should write to you about this very touching moment.



Brijraj Singh wrote on October 18, 2008:


Dear North Pointer


The Kolkata Chapter holds a signature event namely "Nostalgia" annually which is basically an inter School Alumni Quiz conducted by well known Quiz Master, Mr. Barry O'Brien. Over 25 Schools and 45 Teams participate in this Quiz, which has been a resounding success for the last three years. This year it is going to be held on 15th November, 2008.


            Quiz at St. Xavier's College Auditorium           : 2-30 p.m. to 7-00 p.m.

            Dinner & Dance at Saturday Club                   : 7-30 p.m. onwards

            Contribution of minimum Rs. 300/- per person


This is followed by Dance & Dinner. We invite the Kolkata Schools as well as our 11 "Darjeeling Hills Schools".


For this event, Father Van and Father Kinley (Rector), on our invitation, have also been attending the function.


I request you to contact your other friends who would be interested to catch up with their old friends from Kolkata. A quick reply with your confirmation will be appreciated.





Pradeep Singhania - NP1970

Hony. President,

North Point Alumni Association - Calcutta Chapter


For any queries please contact:

Mukesh Mirchandani 9830649342

Udoy Banerjee 9831157385

Prasant K Mahapatra - 9831865327


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