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Grand NP Reunion Southern Germany - September 7 - 14, 2007
Organized by the '60's batch

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Email to Fr. Van from Miki S.K. Ray on October 16, 2008

Dear Fr. Van,
It has been more than a month when 35 North Pointers and associates met on the shores of Lake Constance. We had met there because a classmate of the class of '60, Palden Gyanatshang, lived there and, because of his condition, would never be able to take part in the many reunions North Point has held around the world. The reunion was meticulously planned and brilliantly executed by Jimmy and Palden's wife Cristel who were assisted by Florian and Yuldon (Palden and Cristel's children). It was wonderful!
It was indeed very sad and poignant to see the condition Palden was in. However, there was no question in anyone's mind that he was fully aware of our presence and, amazingly, cognoscenti of who we were. This he indicated by pressing our hands firmly and, the tears flowed. When asked to respond to questions by signaling with his thumbs, up or down, he did. 
What was absolutely awe-inspiring was the courage, compassion, fortitude and sacrifice demonstrated by Cristel in the care of her husband. I believe, ever since Palden had his stroke, she has not had a free day and it's been almost ten years!. The burden she has borne both emotionally and financially is inestimable. Both she and her children deserve our greatest admiration and regard.
After Lake Constance, about 20+ of us bundled on to a bus and explored Bavaria and what an education that was! Some of us learned the difference between Baroque and Rococo, Baroque and Gothic, Bavarian cows and Bavarian women (thanks to our driver, Rolf, one is more beautiful then the other and Rolf has a problem differentiating - he really needs help). We discovered Augsburg, Munich, Neuschwanstein ("Mad" Ludwig's fairly tale castle and, we don't think he was that mad), Oberammergau and a muddied number of churches and monasteries. We also discovered German beer and that the monks make the strongest. What's with them? We also discovered that when North Pointers come together, we take centre stage in spite of the fact that some of us can't sing a single note!
It is amazing, that after so many years and traveling in so many different directions, North Pointers can come together and pick up where they left off as if the years apart, never mattered. I guess the bonds we forged at North Point hold true although, I must add, there were times when I could have wrung some necks and so could some of the others!
We had a great time and you all were in our thoughts.
Warm regards,

Standing L-R: Mohan Pradhan, Jyoti Sadhwani, Sheila Pradhan, Jimmy Pyke, Edie McKenzie, Leena Mohindar, Arnold McKenzie, Albion Gee, Evelyn (squatting) and Philip Khan-Panni, Boya Mohindar, Emile LaFrenais, Freddie Ruttonsha, Patricia and Barry Morrow, Suzanne Huffman, Sameek Ray, Kristel.
Kneeling L-R: Eddie and Phyllis Hsu, Chuck and Janet Wong, Noreen Dunn, Billy Pyke, Tamding Tempo


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