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Monday March 26 - Friday March 30, 2007

Post-Reunion Reports

Tentative Program Hotel Information Transportation Booking Information
How to Register for the Reunion Foreign Hotel Reservation for Non-Locals (other than alumni of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim) Travel resources
List of confirmed attendees Local Hotel Reservation (alumni of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim) Pre-Reunion galas planned at stopover points Kolkata and New Delhi

Countdown to the Colossal NP-Loreto Reunion - Darjeeling 2007



Fr. Van's memo to Joan (Windsor) Sarasin Organizing Committee Chairperson sent on Sunday, May 21, 2006
Dear Joan
I couldn't write you immediately as all the computers were out of order due to some lightning flash. My own is still not working but I have found one in the Prefect's office that is working off and on. Just now it is on. For how long I do not know.
KK Gurung was not at the meeting as he was ill but I met him today at Mungpoo where I had invited some alumni to get a taste of what is developing there. The children of class 5 & 6 came, though it was a Sunday, to show us how much they have learnt in  two and a half months. Though they had never spoken English before, now they seemed very capable in it. The alumni went through the two classes asking them questions and they received instantaneous replies. This is all due to a retired teacher of the Convent , Ms Pramila Allay who is a wonder. At present the classes are housed in another primary school not too far from the site for the bamboo constructions that will begin soon. To say the architect and the surveyor marked out the playing field and a few other things because the government has just allowed us to start working in the land they allotted last August. KK was there so I gave him the Action Plan.
We did not think it would be wise to shorten the reunion to three days but if course some want to leave early for other mini reunions we cannot stop them. Taking two days to get out of India is the same as it was for us to get out of Thailand from Hua Hin and from Chiang Mai. We really have only four days for the actual reunion if we leave off the arrival date and the leaving date.
That is one thing but we will obey whatever you think is wise.

We will be leaving a few things till tomorrow afternoon when I meet the College alumni. But we have already decided firmly that the welcome dinner will be at North Point. The time we figure will be about 6 or 6:30 p.m.depending on their arrival time in town and how tired they may be.. They will have to wash up at their respective hotels.

The second day (first day of the four days) will be visits to their respective institutions with lunch in those places, meet the staff members and the present day students. We will have to leave some latitude in this because some of the alumni may have studied in both school and college. That evening we will leave free for small group gatherings on their own in various restaurants.
On the second day of the four, I will have to wait for the minutes to be published, but it will end up with a concert probably at Loreto. A new Headmistress is joining in June and she will be deciding what it will be. This is Sister Molly.
The third day of the four will be a picnic at a tourist centre not too far away. It is called Jore Pokhri. It is in the forest. For this the buses can bring people right to the site. There is an official canteen there but we will bring our own lunch. It is on the road from Ghoom to Mirik but not far from Ghoom. In the evening we will be at North Point for DREAM ON and for dinner and socializing.
The fourth day will be left for sight-seeing, zoo, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Rock Garden and other tourist sights. Breakfast could be at Keventer's, and time for shopping. This day lunch, too, will be on their own and then a farewell dinner and dance, maybe auction if we can collect items worthwhile auctioning. This could be advertised and items  invited Alumni may be willing to offer items that would interest others. All this may be at the Convent but as the Superior, Sister Elizabeth Chatterjee, has just had serious surgery on her eyes, she was not able to be present. She is a diabetic but apparently can see far better now but is under a mandatory rest..
We have decided that alumni coming from Nepal, Bhutan or any part of India should have a registration fee of Rs.4000/-, from abroad,  what was decided before Rs.7000/-.
Local, Town, Kalimpong, Kurseong, or other places close by Rs.500/- for the welcome and Farewell dinners and if they want to join everything Rs.1000/- which would include both these dinners, too. This we will really have to trash out in tomorrow's college alumni meeting. The new elections to the executive held two weeks ago has brought in more understanding minds but they want to get full agreement.
I told KK today to answer you directly about his transportation.

As for mementoes in the registration kit, it was felt that they should make something perhaps a ceramic plate with pictures of the four institutions. Other mementoes would be available for purchase.
This is all I can remember. Once the minutes are published and I find other things mentioned I will inform you., Especially concerning what functions Loreto College and NP College might be able to arrange. The real official time table will come to you through Andre Lefevre. I am just telling you what I remember of the meeting so that this information may be of some value to you immediately.
Loreto College is very interested in following your advice about involving their students in various ways and probably the NP College will also be willing.
Tashi will inform you about dormitory space at NP once he has consulted with Fr. Kinley.


Message from Miki "SK" Ray, President of the Alumni Association of North America, May 7, 2006
We have received word from Fr. Van confirming that the reunion will be held in Darjeeling next year in March. The commitments from the hotels and transportation to and from the airport and locally during the reunion have been arranged. All this information has been communicated to the Windsors who will be administering the arrangements for us. Therefore we should let them know of our plans as soon as possible as hotel accommodations will be handled on a first come first served basis. It is also very unlikely that there will be any disruptions, political or otherwise at that time.


Message from Fr. Van, December 11, 2005
My dear brothers and sisters,
We have just completed two days of meetings of the preparatory group planning for the 2007 reunion. You will get more detailed information soon but what I want to communicate to all of you immediately the exact date and to ask all of you who receive this message to spread it around to all other North Pointers and Loretoites so that they can begin planning to attend. It will be held from the evening of March 26th to March 31st, 2007. The dates were discussed threadbare, keeping in mind weather (which is generally very fickle these last years anyway), best hopes for hotel accommodation, ensuring interaction with the present day students and other factors. If you have lists of other North Pointers e-mail addresses I would like to receive them because we want to draw up one huge data base. About 80 of the more than thousand on my list continually rebound nowadays, as people change their addresses either wholly or in one little letter or number without ever informing others. 
Warm regards,


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