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EVENTS (Mini Reunions)

Fr. Van's 2002 Visit to Geneva Saturday, September 14th, 2002


(L-R) Bap Kesang '73, Sangay Kesang, Fr. Van, Pem Namgyal '78, Peter DeMello '51


Fr. Van wrote on September 14th, 2002:
Tonight I finish off my Switzerland visit with a dinner given by my host the ambassador of Bhutan, Bap Kesang'73. Attending will be Dr.Pem Namgyal'78, working for WHO, Chhime Rigzing'73, the Representative of the Dalai Lama for this area of Europe, Peter DeMello'51, retired.

Peter DeMello wrote on September 16th, 2002:
Our small group (4) of North Pointers were very happy to have the honour of having Fr Van in our city. During the relatively short time 3 days Bap Kesang put together a program which allowed Fr Van to get a good feeling of the city and the surrounding countryside- fortunately we had good weather. It was my first meeting with Fr Van since I left school the month before he joined NP in January 1952. However Bap Kesang, Chhimi Rigzing and Pem Namgyal the other North Pointers  knew him well.

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