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EVENTS (Upcoming Reunions)

Fr. Van's 2002 Visit to Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Visit to Flanders, Belgium

Details of Fr. Van's tentative itinerary. Contact regional organizers for more details.

Sunday, September 8th - Singapore

Thursday, September 12th - Switzerland

Friday, September 27th - London (Philip Khan-Panni)

Thursday, October 3rd, Washington D.C. For more information, contact (Nigel Brady)

Saturday, October 5th - New York City. For more information, contact (Nigel Brady)

Saturday, October 12th - Toronto. For more information, contact (Ivan Sequiera) and (Chris Liu)

Saturday, October 26th - Las Vegas

Fr. Van said on September 14th, 2002 during his European tour:

On the 12th I had a long looked-forward-to visit with an old Swiss Father from Kalimpong. He has been in a nursing home for over four years unable to speak. So I regaled him with stories and anecdotes about the

people and places he loved for over an hour. Those who brought  me said he hadn't looked so happy for years. Then yesterday, though not particularly ailing, he suddenly died.(13th). What a coincidence. I felt especially blessed to have brought him such consolation just before he departed from this life.

Nigel Brady says:

I am including below a copy of Fr Van's recent E-Mail message to me which details some of his travel dates and itinerary.

Please contact Fr. Van directly (gvanwall@yahoo.com) for specific dates that he will be able to accommodate in your particular region.

Dear Nigel,
I just received word from Laba Yamden that Nancy will be at school here on Sept.6th. I am leaving on Sept. 7th and since I have all my tickets I don't have to delay in Calcutta. Phillip Khan Panni is making arrangements for a gathering in London on Sept. 28th and you are doing the same in NYC. Ivan Sequiera and Chris Liu have already started working on a gathering in Toronto on Oct. 12th. Ashok Sadhwani told me on Thursday when I met him in Calcutta that he would arrange a meeting probably late October or early November in Los Angeles and if San Francisco wants its own then that would be after LA. Then I can move up to Vancouver and back through Calgary to Winnipeg again, and then on to Chicago where I will move about a little to South Bend and to Madison, Milwaukee and then on to NYC on my way out.Either on the way in or the way out if you are free we could move down to Washington again. It was great having Ashok Sadhwani around.
Warm regards,

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