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Pictures of North Pointers around the world circa 2002


December 12th, Middleton Chambers, Kolkata

(L-R) Mrs. Chakravorty (nee Miss Mookerjee N.P.'s grade 4 teacher in 1964), Fr. Van and Mr. Chakravorty

(L-R) Mrs Vashu Gulab, Kiran Poddar (with back), R.K. and Sabita Singh and Miss Mookerjee

Rajesh Poddar and Miss Mookerjee

Lalita Sanyal (sitting), R.K. Singh, Ashok and Jyoti Sadhwani

Vashu Gulab and Mukesh Mirchandani

Rajesh Poddar, Jyoti Sadhwani, Kiran Poddar and Ashok Sadhwani

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