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Photos submitted by Edmund Jonah '51 on September 13, 2008

Our school on the hill

Fraser Hall

UD Dining Hall

NP football team 1950-52



Mohan Das Pradhan and T.W. Shakabpa (1959). Comment by T.N. Shakabpa on
July 23, 2007, "The picture of my brother, T. W. Shakabpa, with Mohan Das Pradhan was taken
sometime in 1959. T, W. Shakabpa attended North Point School from 1953 to 1960"

Picture sent by Jigme Shakabpa ('86 batch) via Mohan Pradhan on July 17, 2007



Photo submitted by Edmund Jonah '51. He is in the top picture. Last row standing at the back, second from the left.



Photo submitted by Edmund Jonah '51


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