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Picture Gallery
1951 to 1961

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1948-51  1957 1960 1961 1962 1963-64 1968 1970-1971-1972 1973 1975-78 1980-1990 1992-1993 Solo Pictures    

Click here for Pictures of North Pointers around the world circa 2002

Picnic 1961

Front row L-R
Nayak, Tamding, Khatri, Bro ?, Mr.Moss, Ming, Chlup, O.B.Pradhan, ?, M.Gani.
Back Row L-R:
Naeem Rauf, Kalden Dorji, Mo.Rauf, Amlani, Phanucharus, Keshab Chettrie, Sambhawani.
Photo submitted by Tamding Tempo (1962)


1955 UD boys during a holiday
Top row L-R
T.K.Leong, P. Whitley, K.S.Leong, W. Whittakerr, George Hla Bu, T.C.
Leong, Madhav Shumshere, David Latimer, Sonam Kyibuk, Farid Khan-Panni
Bottom row L-R
?, Thomas Ba U, Karma Tsering, Patrick Hta Wa,, Wai Chee Leong, Glyn Culpeper Eddie Hsu, Phaiboon Linevat
Front row with ball - Netra Shumshere, basketball referee
Photo submitted by Eddie Hsu (1956)

1955 UD group picture

Photo submitted by Eddie Hsu (1956) forwarded to him by Bishnu Das Pradhan (1955)


1958 L.D. 1st. Eleven Football Team

Front row L-R.
?, JigmeTsarong, Thein Aung.
Middle row L-R.
Tobden, Tamding Tempo, Shakespeare, Mr. George Labu,
Deb Mukherjee, M.Bau, Kalden Dorji.
Back row L-R
Ahmed, Vatavach, Chit Khine Cho, Eddie Aung, David.

Photo submitted by Tamding Tempo (1962)

1952 Prime Minister Nehru delivering a speech to the NP boys in Darjeeling

Photo submitted by Eddie Hsu (1956)

Boxing Champs 1952

Top  L-R  Peter Poonawalla, Maung Myat Khaing, Fr. Burns, George Hla Bu, Aziz Khan-Panni
Seated L-R  John Than, Lumpy Dorji, Ugen Dorji, John Hopkins-Hassan
Photo submitted by Eddie Hsu (1956)



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