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December 9, 2009
SWAPAN ROY ('65 Batch)
Monishi Sanyal phoned the news on December 9, 2009 informing the sad passing away of Swapan Roy of a sudden heart attack in Los Angeles.


Ronnie Leong wrote on December 9, 2009

Received a brief phone call from Monishi informing me about the untimely demise of our good friend, Swapan Roy, this morning  of a heart attack. May he rest in peace.




September 5, 2009
PASANG TEMPO (Would have graduated in '71 - left NP in '68)

Ashok Sadhwani wrote on September 5, 2009

I am sorry to inform the North Point and Loreto community of the sad and unexpected passing away of Pasang Tempo ('64 - '67 till class 7) of sudden illness in the early hours of September 5th in Siliguri.

Pasang was the younger brother of North Pointer Tamding Tempo (NP '62) and Loretoites Lhanjay and Norzing Tempo. He leaves behind wife Kincho and two sons Kunzang 19 and Sanila 16 in Gangtok.

One day we are here and the next.......May God give his entire family and friends the strength to bear this very sad, sad loss.



July 12, 2009

Joan and the Windsors wrote on July 12, 2009

My Dear Friends,

It is with a great sense of loss that we have to advise all of you, our dear friends,  that our dearest sister Maureen passed away this morning, Sunday July 12th at 6.20am.  Thankfully, her last days were pain free as she was under total sedation and she passed away without awakening, attended by her husband and children.

In her last days, Maureen was surrounded by the Howard and Windsor clans (all 6 Windsors were able to make it for the first time since 1971 and we also had Louis' 4 daughters and one of his 5 grandsons who came from Perth) who came from all corners of the globe to spend the last few days with her, so she had a chance to say a right royal goodbye.  Last Sunday, all her friends (approximately 60 girls including 3 from LCD)  gathered from far and wide, many coming from overseas and all around Australia, for a pre-birthday party to celebrate her life and she had the time of her life  - you know how us Windsors enjoy being the centre of attention,  even if we have to be knocking at death's door to get it !  The attendance was well worth the effort and the fact that she needed 3 hours to have a personal word with everyone present is testimony to her popularity.

I hope that when you think of her, it is with fondness for a happy soul who loved life and lived it to the full.

The Windsors and Howards thank all of you for all your prayers and moral support these past long months.

As I will not be back home in BK until Tuesday, please forgive me for not addressing this email to each of you personally. I promise to be in contact once I am back home If any of you know anyone who is not on my OBOL network we would greatly appreciate if you could forward this to them all. Maureen had so many friends all over the world.

Love, Joan and the Windsors

Dearest Joan, Dan & Dereck

With great sadness we write this note to you. Maureen was such a lovely person and we fondly remember when she came and spent time with us, we are truly sad to get the news. Its a difficult to find the right words to console you but we want you to know that both Doel and myself are right next to you and will do anything to help you make the pain a little less. God bless her soul may she rest in peace. Fondest love from us both. Rono

Ranabir Sen ranabirsen45@hotmail.com


This is sad, real sad - all good people leaving us one after the other ! But then such are God's ways. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to the Windsors & Howards. May God be with them and give them the strength to bear the loss. May Maureen's soul rest in eternal peace.

Aumit aumit.raye@adityabirla.com


Naureen Dunn had informed us that Maureen was very ill but we never expected the sad news so soon. Maureen was very close and dear to Nimmi and me and we will always remember her as a wonderful and cheerful friend and so full of life, we will miss her immensely and God bless her.

Diamond and Nimmi Oberoi virajoberoi@elginhotels.com


This is too sad for words. We have written a separate letter to Joan. With the greatest respect at this difficult time.

Best Regards
Armen John Lucas
(South of France)


Thanks - I got it too and they are having services for her at Ruam Rudee on Saturday.  I will be going there.

Marisa Narula marisa@attglobal.net


Dear Windsors and Howards family members,

At this hour of grief I would like to send in my sincere condolences and assure you my prayers this evening. Love and prayers.

Nirnay John Chettri

It is this deep felt North Point spirit that binds our souls together. I sincerely pay my respects to Maureen's peaceful parting from life to where we are άltimately all called to go. We will always be together here and to the next.
Namastey, Shanti, Peace
Roman romanmuk@hotmail.com


Dear Joan, Dan and Derrick:
My thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of loss and sorrow with the passing of your sister Maureen. I can still visualize her in LCD uniform as if it were yesterday. Thanks for sharing the news of her passing. From reading Derrick's email, I gather that each of you as family, were able to celebrate her life and she was fortunate to have you all with her in her last moments. My deepest sympathies to each of you for your loss. She shall be remembered in prayer.

Melba Remedios, Toronto m.remedios@rogers.com


My heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the entire Windsor family on the passing of Maureen Windsor. I have no doubt that her soul will pass onto an even better life as she was so pure of heart.


by T.N. (Tsoltim N. Shakabpa)

When we die
And die we will
We will shed our bodies
Like we cast off used clothes
And don new bodies
Like we wear new clothes
We will forget the past
Like we forget our birth
And look to the future
As we agnise death

Dying is just a part of living
And living is but a part of dying
The present is just a reflection of the past
And the future is but a destiny of the present
If life you have lived to its fullest
And done the best you can
Be not afraid of death
Nor regret the life you led
For dying calls to life a new birth
And an adventure for another lifetime

Copyright: Tsoltim N. Shakabpa - 2009


Maureen was such a vibrant and vivacious person, and one never expected her to pass away so quickly. I will be sending our condolences to the families.
God Bless
Rachel rapaes2000@yahoo.com


My sincere condolences to Maureen's family. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2005 during NP and Loreto re-union in Bangkok. She was such a charming lady.
Madan & Colette Dhakhwa dhakhwam001@hawaii.rr.com

Please convey my deepest condolences to all the family members. I always remember Maureen as a beautiful, vibrant girl. What a beautiful gift to have all her loving relationship surround her on her way home. May she rest in peace.
In my thoughts,
Bina Dodani (Kiran Melwani) kiramel@hotmail.com



July 1, 2009
A.C. Rai wrote on July 4, 2009:

I write to give you a sad news that Lekh Kumar Pradhan (Lekhu) NP '71 batch had a mild stroke and was being treated in Siliguri and was recovering but had a heart attack and died on 1st July. He used to live in Darjeeling and was running his own transport business and The Hotel Darjeeling below the Dhirdham Temple. His sons (twins) Ashim and Aswin, both North Pointers, are working and settled in Kathmandu, were planning to take him to Kathmandu for further treatment but it was not to be. Deepak Kusarye rang me to give the news he was in Siliguri and had visited Lekhu in Hospital.


April 13, 2009
JOHN CONROY ('28 Batch)

Sorry to learn about the demise of our eldest (97 year old) North Pointer. Elizabeth was the nurse of John Conroy. One can communicate with Elizabeth for details.... her E-Mail address is in the E-Mail below.
Ajay Goyal
(NP 1958-63)



Hello to you, I hope this finds you well, I am writing to give you the sad news that John Conroy who was the oldest man who went to NP has sadly died, he was in hospital for 4 weeks and he died on Monday 13th April, he was 97 years old, he had a wonderful life, as you know the best time was at N.P he was so happy there, just before he died a man came to hospital in the next bed, it was amazing,,, he also was at N.P at the same time as John his name was Fuller, he was one of 5 brothers who attended N.P he is 90 a very nice man, what are the odds of that happening,,,, million 2 one wonderful sadly John was not up to talking or he would have loved it his funeral is next Wednesday will be in touch by for now Liz Riding God Bless you.



Sad to have to report, my uncle, John Conroy (NP'28), the oldest living alumnus, has passed away on 13 April '09.
Sursum Corda

Dereck Conroy (NP '51)




April 06, 2009
('65 batch), wife CHERRY TOBDEN, sister CHUKIE TOBDEN (Loreto '70 batch) WANGCHUK BARPHUNGPA ('70 batch)


Tashi Tobden in 2005
Photo submitted by Madan Dhakwa on April 08, 2008

Chukie Tobden in 2005
Photo submitted by Madan Dhakwa on April 08, 2008


Tobgye Dorji ('64 batch) wrote on April 7, 2009

Dear friends,

Last night at about 10 p.m.  Tashi Topden N.P. 1965, His wife Cherry, his sister  Chukie Topden (Loreto Darjeeling 1969/70?) and Wangchuck Barphungpa N.P 1970 all died in a tragic accident in Sikkim. They were returning from a wedding just outside of Gangtok.  I understand that they had a new driver and he may have been drinking at the wedding party.  The weather was very foggy and they went off the road on a cliff and all perished with head injuries.

Some of you knew them well and some of you knew their relatives who went to school or college with you.  I thought that you would like to know and say a few prayers for the departed.

Tashi Topden and Cherry are survived by their two children who are 18 (daughter) an 14 ( young boy who is studying in NP Darj. Tashi and Chukie are the younger sibling of Tsering Topden (NP college) Angi Topden (NP college) and Wangmo Topden (Np college).  Wangchuck Barphungpa is survived by his wife and mother (whose mother was a great friend of my maternal grand mother). Tashi and Chukie’s brother Wangyal Topden is married to Hope Lisum (daughter of the late Chogyal of Sikkim).

I understand that Chukie Topden was planning to join politics this year and give The Chief Minister Chamling a run for his money!  All her life she was an environmentalist spend all her inheritance to fight court battles for environment and historical and religious sites from degradation.   All the Loreto girls would have been proud that she was from the Convent.  Both Tashi and Chukie also gave their time and effort to promote the Sikkimese Buddhist culture and helped revive some of  the lost traditional music and arts of Sikkim (some of which were a part of Bhutanese tradition). I know this as I have personally been involved in sending Bhutanese musicians and dancers and artisans to Sikkim, on his request.  I  also visited many places in Sikkim and everywhere I went the people were most appreciative of Tashi’s efforts,  over the decades , to protect the monastaries of Sikkim.  They were both my friends since childhood and continued to be close.

I too feel the tragic loss (really badly) and wonder how I am going to help the bereaved ones who must be feeling much worse and so, I beg you for your prayers for them.

I ask for special prayers for Mrs. Barphungpa as she has lost her beloved husband and her best friend (Tashi’s wife).   Wangchuck Barphungpa was also a wonderful son to his mother whom he cherised and looked after all these years and spent quality time with her  daily whicle living under the same roof.  He has been a inspiration to me to be a better son. Maybe,as the only son he had an inherent link to his mother’s mind. Don’t forget to give Chimmila, his mother (age 86?) strength to bear her Loss.

Thanks for your patience but I just had to express myself. 

By the way I do pray for all of you ,practically, everyday and wish you well.





Dear friends,

Totally devastated. What can one say in such a great hour of tragedy. Tashi was the closest friend I had in NP and at St. Stephen's College, and on an off and on basis we kept in touch for all these years. He did such a lot for Sikkim including in the field of religion, and where I had visited him some years back. He was such a wonderful host. We also met up in New York.

My family's and my deepest sympathies go out to his children and family. I just hope that they have the courage to bear this unbearable loss. I will never be able to get over this unbelievable tragedy. 

My wholehearted prayers are with them.

Om Pradhan


May they all rest in peace.

This is terribly tragic.  Appreciate the update.

I will certainly pray for them and their survivors.

na Ranong


What a terrible tragedy.

Thanks for keeping us posted. I remember Chukie Tobden and Wangchuck

Barphungpa very well. I think Chukie might have finished at LC in 1971.

They and the rest of their families are in our thoughts.

David McMahon


Sad news indeed - what a tragedy for those left behind.  My prayers are with them all

Kind regards

Fay Kelly


Really sorry to hear about this tragic loss.

Prayers for the departed souls and their family members is being made right now.

Roshan Petrie


That's tragic news. Am forwarding the mail to a few you may have missed out.

Cyrus Madan


This is very sad news

We offer our condolences and pray to God to bless their souls and give them ever lasting peace


Kamal Meattle


Please pass on my deepest sympathy and condolences at this tragic event.



Dear Tobgye

This is really sad news and to think that just the other day we were at the re-union brimming with life and in one brief moment this fragile existence got shattered. Our prayers go with the departed.

I am in Kolkata this week. I tried calling you.


I am deeply grieved to learn of this terrible tragedy. My prayers for the departed and sincere sympathies and condolences for the bereaved.

In sorrow,

Amal Ganguli


I am truly truly sorry. Chukie was in school with me and I remember her as a tiny little hockey player who would dart in and out below the legs of the tall and strong ones. And score all the goals. And I've spent many happy days in the garden in Sikkim with Hope Lisums brothers and family and Hope who was a tiny baby then.

And the other thing your mail has done is put me in touch with Tobgye who has been trying to get in touch with my aunt over the last few days...so if it's the same Tobgye Dorji they will soon be in contact.

With prayers and regards,

Niloufer Bilimoria



Thank you so much for forwarding this mail to me. I was in the same class as Chukie at Loreto, Darj - therefore we kind of "grew up" together and I remember her very well. I had tried to find out where she was these days - I wish I had been smart enough to just contact you and ask for your assistance. All of the family sound such special people and we have lost good friends.

I will pray for all and celebrate Chukie in my memories.

Thank you again.

Carey Martin


Dear Tobgye,

Please do convey my most sincere condolences to the families of the bereaved ones, some of whom I knew in school.

In such moments, more words cannot express the sorrow more, but our prayers for the soul of the departed and for courage for the surviving will certainly be heard. 

May they Rest in Peace and may their cycle of reincarnation reach higher levels  towards Nirvana.

Ashok Mirchandani NP '68  College '72


Sad; so very sad!!!




I am so full of grief and sadness as I read of this tragedy that took so so many lives from the same family including the NP/Loretto family too.....

Please convey my condolences to the immediate family and hope the "hollow space in your souls" will heal as you will surely miss them..... our prayers are with you all.....


Ajay Goyal


Dear Tobgye,

I am so so very sad to hear the most terribly sad news. My heart goes out top the survivors and my prayer and thought are with the deceases. As the Lord Buddha said life is transient, we are all just passing through. Let's be kind to each other and all other while we are here.

Thank you for letting me know of the tragedy.

Warm regards and may the Lord be with you.



Dear friends:

I am deeply saddened by the news.  I wasn't expecting such sad news over the internet.  Lately, I have been dreading to answer the phone in the middle of the night, because it could never be good news!

Thank you Tobgye for letting us know and for expressing your sorrow so well. I share the same sorrow with you.  When I read his name, Tashi Tobden, I was totally stunned and numbness took over my entire body.  Thank you Om, for bringing us together in New York City.  THe reunion I shall never forget but very sad that it was our last goodbye.

Yes, Tashi was my true and dearest friend over all these years.  As most for us, the Class of '65 are aware, we were planning our class reunion in 2010 and we shall all miss him terribly.

My family joins me in conveying our deepest condolences to his children and to his family.

Tony (San Tut)


My deepest condolences to all the departed soul may their souls mingle with the winds that sweeps the Himalayas and keep soaring to newer heights and freedom.
May their soul rest in peace.

Yours sincerely
Yambem Laba


Thanks for the news.
I am still in shock.


Thank you for passing on this news -all of us ...64,65,66,67 classes are shocked and grieved.

Arif Vazirally


 Chuki was in my sister's batch, a yr senior to me after many many yrs, she met many of her old friends, including my sister, last yr and early this yr. they are in complete shock.
Yes, I do join all others and pray for Chuki and her family, she was definitely worth a lot.
warm regards
Shobha Bhuwalka


Dear Tobgye,

It is indeed a sad and tragic news.  There is no good way to convey such tragic and utterly senseless accident.  Sharon and I know Cherry and Wangchuk.  Of course Tashi was my class mate.  We are so sorry for the loss of our friends.  Would you know of any donations or funds  that are set up in their memory?  If not what can we do?  Please convey our condolences to  Tsering Topden, Angi Topden  and Wangmo Topden.

We get so caught up in our narrow daily lives that we forget to be thankful for having friends like Tashi and Wangchuk  and all of you, and forget to let you know how fortunate I have been to have you as friends who are more like brothers.

Although this may not be an appropriate time,  I would like to share a ray of sun-shine in my life.   On Thursday April 2nd, I became for the second time a grand father.  Julia and Tim (Sullivan)  became proud parents to  a 7 lbs 12 oz daughter.  Julia returned home yesterday.  Both mother and daughter are well.  Father is ecstatic.  Grand father and grand mother are very happy.  

Please let us know what we can do from the US.


CM and Sharon


So sorry to hear such a tragic Topden departure. My consolation and hope lie in the fact that we share the grievances in true North Point renewal spirit.
Shanti, Peace,


Hi Tobgye,

Please convey my condolences to the bereaved family. I recall vividly the happy and jovial demeanor of the late Tashi Topden.




Thank you very much passing on this tragic news. It is indeed a very sad news. I spent a couple days with Tashi and his family when I visited them in 2005 after NP re-union in Bangkok. I was in NP college with Wangmo and we had very memorable time with her brother Tashi and her sister, Chukie.

It's a shock to hear this news. I'll pass on this news to our NP alumni with whom I have contact with.

With regards,

Madan Dhakwa


This sad news. Our prayers & thoughts are with the families.

Minoo & Gurdeep Dhatt


Hi Gents,

Received this tragic new from Ashok and must pass on to you all especially those who knew Tashi Topden NP 1965, his wife Cherry and and Wangchuck Barphungpa NP 1970. 

To anyone who know the deceased's families please convey my condolences to them.

Those who already know please bear with me.



LC 1957 – 1962


Thank you for letting me know.

It is indeed very sad news, especially as it was so unexpected and has now caused great grief to so many family members and also to all their circle of friends.

My thoughts and prayers go out to them at this difficult time and especially prayers for the souls of those who died in that tragic accident.

I will be writing separately to Tobgye


Paul Zitek (NP '57)


Dear Tobgye,

This is devastating news.  Not only did I know them from their association with NP and Loreto when I was in NP (1961 batch, but I grew up with Tashi, Angi and Wangmo in Gangtok, where my father was posted for many years for construction of the Border Roads.  We knew the entire family and my father was a very close friend of their father.

 I still remember their house was just below the Ritche Road leading to the palace gate.  Thereafter whenever I visited Sikkim, which I did many time during my working life, I touched base with Tashi.

My heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved families and our prayers will always be with them. My future visits to Gangtok, if at all, I do - will never be the same and I can imagine how difficult it must be for the near and dear ones to accept this tragic loss.

Ani Lahiri


It was nice of you to put Tobgye Dorji's letter in the internet mail. Shall appreciate if you could mine too for circulation. Thank you. Karma.

It was a wonderful gesture on the part of Tobgye Dorji himself a humble person, to compile a news profile covering the most unfortunate affair of the motor accident resulting in the sudden and tragic loss of lives of Tashi Topden, wife Cherry, his youngest sister Chukie, Wangchuk Barphungpa and the driver of the vehicle Prakash  Gurung.

We all have to bear this great loss in humble silence and prayer in memory of their departed souls, while being in unison in offering sympathetic condolences to the bereaved members of the family, to the only daughter and son of their deceased parents Tashi and Cherry, the sisters Tshering, Angi and Wangmo, youngest brother Wangyal and other close members of the 'Libing' household. No words can express the depth of sorrow in loss of three members of the same family. Even conceiving of such an event is beyond imagination. But this happened to be a reality to the Topden family is totally bizarre and even unacceptable as a co-incidental tragedy.

Likewise sympathy in equal magnitude and affection is extended to Wangchuck's wife Dikila, three sons, sisters and most of his entire octogenarian mother Chimmila and the 'Khenzong' household. This short note contains heartfelt feelings in sympathy to both the families, to tide the sudden and unbearable tragedy, sorrow and sadness befallen on them. It is hoped and prayed these soft unspoken whispers of concern will assist the bereaved members of both the families to cushion and support realization of the event as reality, gradually to be absorbed, accepted and realized, maybe not immediately but in sequence in time and space.

The need of the moment is for friends, well wishers and the concerned to convey comforting thoughts to them in words or script. This should go a long way in supporting the resilience of the grieved members to be unafraid in the darkness of the night which normally is a realm of fearsome loneliness.

It is always considered gainful to contemplate on the transcendental nature of existence to relief the self from so hard-pressed moments of thunderbolt strike in flashes of lightening. Life is but a memory of events and sadness which one leaves behind for posterity for recall and replay in memorials.

'As such time of grief there isn't much anyone can do, but just let you know that sympathetic thoughts are there for you'.


Karma Tshering (Pempahishey) NP College 1965


I was really shocked to learn that so many from North Point and Loreto perished in the tragic accident.

The news hurt even more as we spent so may years together with Barphungpa in NP. When Manjit visited India in 1990 we went to Gangtok and spent a day with him. We relived the NP days in those few hours that we were there.

I kept in touch with him in the past years over the phone and a few years ago my children and Dad were visiting Bengal and they too went to Gangtok. He looked after them as he would have looked after us.

Recently his phone numbers seemed to have changed and I tried to call his residence today but could not get through.However I called a local news paper in Sikkim and they gave me a number of one of his relatives from where I got his residence number.I called and talked to his son and wife.His wife recollected our visit in 1990 ant his son told me that he had heard a lot about both Manjit and I as he always told them stories of the times we had at North Point. 

His res No is +91 3592 202489 If anyone may want call him.

I do hope the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

Thank you for informing me.




What a tragic accident- what a waste of lives. I did not know them,  but my parents knew the family. 




This is shocking news. I am absolutely shocked and speechless.
Please forward my heartfelt condolences to the families and also many thanks to Tobgye for letting us all know.




It was really sad to here about the mishap and hope his sole rests in peace...... and may God help his family to strengthen them self.

Regard to all.

Ashish  Sharma

NP - 1990 -2000 ICSE ISC



I also got a call from Thinley Densapa around mid-day informing me of this shocking news. And to think that just 2 years ago, almost to the day, we all met at Barphungpa's house for a really enjoyable evening. Cherry Topden even lent my wife Kanta a jacket to wear on our trip to Nathula the next day. It was great to meet these guys after so long and it felt like as if we were meeting after just 4 months or something instead of 4 decades!....the connection was so spontaneous and warm - true North Pointers!

May the Almighty rest their souls in eternal peace.

Ronnie Bali



I am extremely sad to hear about the tragic passing away of TW Barphungpa. We were together in school from 1961 to 1970. I remember those days so well and so vividly that it becomes so hard to believe that he is no more.I pray for his soul's peaceful fulfillment.

My heartfelt condolences to all his loved ones.

Rana Mukherjee. 1970 batch




This is such a tragedy. As SS said, so many NP and Loreto lives lost in one terrible accident.  Thanks to …. SS for filling in about Barphungpa (TW) since we last saw him.  We know now how he remained caring, hospitable and a good friend as the years went by.
I was also (along with Soumitra) with TW at St. Stephen's, Delhi (1971-74) and we interacted quite a bit there, too.  I lost touch after that despite joining the IAS 4 years after he did. All these sad and untimely deaths must be such a blow to the families as well - our heart goes out to them.  Hope they find the courage and solace to heal from their loss.



We are devastated by the shocking news and are trying to wrap our minds around the simultaneous loss of three of our cousins and a dear friend. I specially remember, during my last visit to Gangtok, listening with great interest to Yap Tashi talk about his renovation plans of our monasteries. I remember how struck I was by Chum Chukie’ independent attitude. How unfortunate that, that independent spirit not fulfill its potential. What a loss, not just to the families but also to our entire community.

Lhanjay Dolma Tempo

Los Angeles

Loreto (1964)



It is with great sorrow that we received the sad news about the tragic loss of Tashi , Cherry,  Chukie and Wangchuck here in Dubai. It is always difficult to cope with the loss of dear friends and even though it is a well known fact that we meet only to part, this parting is such sweet sorrow. We pray for the souls of our departed friends and offer our heartfelt condolences to the surviving members of their families as well as the extended North Point and Loreto alumni fraternity and ask Almighty God to give all of us the strength to cope up and bear this irreplaceable loss.

I would like to quote from a headstone found in Ireland

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

Fare thee well my friends and rest safely in the loving arms of God Almighty.


Robert C S Wilson
Senior Operations Manager
Dubai School of Government


Very sad to hear about the tragedy.  Please convey our family's condolences to the bereaved family.

Thank you
Jeanette Grover



Deepest Condolences for the family.  Sad loss to society and our small but close group of North Pointers.

Kunal Banerji

(NP 66-72)



Dear All

With the demise of Tashi Tobden (NP 1966), TW Barphungpa (NP 1970) we have lost not only dear friends but two very sincere people in Sikkim. I happen to have known them both well and during the last Re Union in Darjeeling we had dinner at the Windemeer Hotel and recalled our days at North Point. Never did I visualize that I will never meet them again.

Wangchuk Barfunghpa was of the same batch as me and we were good friends in School. Since leaving we have kept in touch with each other.  He had been a wonderful host when I had visited Gangtok with my family in 1999. We had a memorable evening at his house with his family and Hope Lisum. Barfunghpa’s mother who was then 75+ had a very sharp memory and loved to sing especially old Hindi songs.  My wife Nisha and she continued singing together till late night.

Barfunghpa 1970, Khandu Wangchuk 1970, Rinzi Dorji 1970 (who passed away), Bonney Mahapatra 1971, Ashok Mukherjee 1971 were all together in St. Stephen’s Delhi.

In fact Barfunghpa sent some Sikkimese tea to my office about three weeks ago and we had talked to each other.

Tashi – We had kept in touch and had exchanged greeting early this year and I was planning to make a trip to Sikkim during this summer.

When God takes away he leaves us with little option but to pray for their families and dear ones.

With this in mind we have to inform you that a prayer meeting is being arranged by the Calcutta Chapter at The Buddhist Temple, 6 Chakaberia Lane, Opp Poddupukur on 11th April at 11 am. Pls come to share in this solemn occasion and to pray for the departed ones.

With Sorrow

Pradeep Singhania

Hon President 


We are deeply grieved to hear of this tragic loss. Our condolences to the families of Tashi, Cherry, Chukie and Wangchuck. We will pray for them. Again, we are so sorry.

Gobind Daryanani (1956)
President NP East Coast Chapter USA


Please convey our deepest sympathies. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as they face this tragic lost.

Pax et Bonum

Osbert (NP '50-61)



The news has been a shock. I am still coming to terms with it. But death and fate are inevitable and we have to accept the way of the lord.

If this tragic event has hurt us so much just imagine what it must for the immediate family.
We can only hope and pray for the departed. We hope that they may rest in peace in their new abode.


Saranjit Dhatt



I knew Chukie well.  I am very sorry to hear of the loss of all these lives. I am thinking of their families in this sad time.

Beverly Karnik (LCD 69/70)



My heartfelt condolences go out to the kids- life is always surprising and often unfair but nonetheless a reminder, should we take it for granted.




I was shattered to hear this terrible news through my friend Carey Martin (nee White) and thank you for letting us all know.

My heartfelt condolences to you and the families who will need so much strength to deal with this devastating tragedy, my prayers are with them at this difficult time.  Chukie was in my year at LCD and we spent those formative years growing up together and sharing many lovely experiences, I have a few photographs from those school years which I will try to dig up and send on to you.  I never made it to Sikkim and sadly we lost contact.  It is wonderful to know what an accomplished lady she grew into, the Chukie I remember so well was a real tomboy!

I have forwarded the sad news on to a few others in Australia.  My sister Lisa, who now lives in Seattle, will do the same to a few of her friends.

With my deepest sympathy and love.

Pia (Narayan)



Dear Friends:

I have read your email and am absolutely shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the demise of our dear friend T.W. Barphungpa in a car accident in Gangtok.


I have known him and his two sisters since our days in Kalimpong, (St. Joseph’s Convent), in the early sixties, right up to his college days in Delhi University.


I had been meaning to visit Sikkim to look him up, but alas, he is no more.


My wife Ruby and me and my sister Jayasri (ex-Loreto) send our deepest condolences to his family.

May God Bless his soul. He will live in our hearts forever.

Best Regards


Dipanjan Ghosh



Ollie Plesek (nplcdalum@hotmail.com) wrote on April 12, 2009

At the request of Fr Van I am forwarding his email which provides additional information on the recent tragedy in Sikkim which touched the lives of both NP and Loreto alumni/ae - the tragic deaths of Tashi Tobden, his wife Cherry and sister Chuki and relative Tshering Wangchuk. 

“Yesterday Fr. Kinley and I attended the cremation in Gangtok of Tashi Tobden NP '65, his wife Cherry, his sister Chuki of Loreto. His close relative Tshering Wangchuk Barphungpa was cremated on Good Friday. All of them victims along with their driver of journeying in Sikkim in deep fog on Monday 6th. They slipped over a cliff, the car plunging down over 400 feet into a river. Tashi and Cherry have their son studying in Class X here at NP. Wangchuk's son, Sonam, had been studying here till last year. It was both a sad and glorious day yesterday. The crowd was immense, the ceremonies executed beautifully for the two men were highly respected in Sikkim, both government bureaucrats, well known as incorruptible, honest men. Tashi was the President of the Sikkim Alumni Chapter. The two couples, including Wangchuk's wife always travelled together to family functions but this time, she wasn't feeling well and did not go. So at least his three sons still have their mother. Tashi's son has only an elder sister. You can spread this news to the Australian alumni in case others have not heard of this great tragedy.  We have lost two outstanding alumni. Tashi had been given a rare North Point award four years ago (there have been only four such awardees in NP history, "Loyal Son of North Point") by the outstanding way in which he lived the values picked up in NP, especially difficult in government circles.


I am sorry to hear the sad news and have been praying for all.  May the good Lord bless them and look after them in heaven.

God Bless you and your continuous good work.





Dear Friends.

I learnt with great sadness the untimely passing away of TW. I would like to offer my deepest condolences and prayres to his family.

Dr Tanpa Thondup

NP batch 1970



Chukie was my colleague.  I feel so sorry to hear this news.  I really don't know what to say after all these years, except that I remember Chukie as one gentle girl way back then and a very determined person too.
May their souls rest in peace

Fatima Pais



My condolences and sincere sympathies to all the families, they will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
Louise Lee (Loreto  1959)



So very sorry to hear of this tragic loss.

Please convey our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved families.  Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

Karabi Pluck (nee Ghosh)



What a tragic and horrific news. Our prayers are with the families. I knew Barphungpa well and this news pains.
Supravat Shaw -SB - NP '72






March 26, 2009
D. Bose
('48 Batch)
This is to inform you all that Mr. D.Bose NP 1948 batch breathed his last on 26th Mar 2009 and  last rites was performed on 6th April at Calcutta. He was also one of the Founding Members of the Calcutta Chapter. Please pray for the family.


With Sorrow
PK Mahapatra
Hon Secretary


April 18, 2008
('67 Batch)

Photo sent by Joaquim De Souza (Joki) on April 30, 2008

Message sent by Vijay Mirchandani ('67) on June 23, 2008

Just heard yesterday about the sad news of Lulu, Sharab Shringla my close friend from school, college and XLRI. We played in the same band through college and XLRI. I got my driving licence on his jeep in Darjeeling. We travelled to Ranchi from Jamshedpur on my motorbike, and despite having an accident just when we started, we returned, healed our wounds, and then restarted our journey.

Even though we lost touch for the past 20 years or so, I do think of him and the great times we had during our growing up years.

Vijay Mirchandani
' 67 batch

Message sent by Tshering Huber-Lhamu LCD 1962, NP 1962-64

My brother Lulu (Sharab Shring La) passed away on April 18 in Delhi. He was a great father, good husband, caring son and an attentive brother. He'll be missed by all the many relatives and friends because of his hospitality and close attachment he maintained with them all these years. Many thanks to all the friends who sent their kind words at this sad time. He always said that St Joseph's School and College gave him the best education and cherished the years he spent there.


Message sent by Ronnie Bali NP School class of 1968 on May 1, 2008

I'm sorry to inform you that Sharab (Lulu) Shringla - ' 67 batch, passed away in Delhi on April 18th, after a protracted illness.
He leaves behind his wife Tamdin & son Kalden. They can be contacted on kalden15@yahoo.com or Tel No. 011- 26858161.
God bless his soul....
[NP - '68]


Message sent by Joaquim De Souza (Joki) NP School class of 1971 on April 29, 2008

Dear Boys & Girls,
Unfortunately this one is another of the sad stories we bring to our alumni as time passes along taking with it one of our former school mates and college mates. Sharaba Shringla (Lulu) slipped into an unconscious state on the 16th April 2008 and later passed away on the 18th of April 2008.

I've known Lulu for a long time as we were both born in Darjeeling. Lulu was in the 1967 NP school batch and then went through College at North Point. He then went to XLRI in Jamshedpur where he got His Masters in Business Administration.
His starting ground  was at the Taj Hotel Chain and his last successful job before his passing away in his career was Director of Marketing for the State Trading Corporation of India. He leaves behind a family who will miss him.
Joaquim De Souza (Joki)


April 15, 2007
('60 Batch)

Message sent by
Tsoltim N. Shakabpa NP School class of 1960 on April 30, 2007

The former prime minister, Dasho Lhendup ("Lenny") Dorji, passed away on April 15 at his residence in Lungtenphu, Thimphu, surrounded by his family. He was 71.

The youngest of five siblings, Dasho Lhendup Dorji was born to Gongzim Sonam Tobgay Dorji and Rani Chuni Wangmo on October 6, 1935, at Bhutan House, Kalimpong.

Brother to Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother, Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck, Dasho Lhendup Dorji was conferred the red scarf by the third Druk Gyalpo in 1958.

by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa


The Bhutanese sun made him a prince
Everyone knew him ever since
He was as resplendent as a quince
Never to challenge did he wince

Friends he had many
Girls he knew plenty
To his wife he was the only Lenny
To his children a father better than any

Now he's left us earthly souls to mingle with the Gods
And discourse with bonnie angels and heaven's lords
To his wishes them too he prods
Charming them all by all odds

Copyright: Tsoltim N. Shakabpa - 2007


September 29, 2006
Condolence messages and feelings expressed by the community - scroll down or click here
For Shasheesh's photo sent by Ken Pearce forwarded by Andrew Raschid on Oct. 1, click here

Shasheesh's photo sent by his family forwarded by Kabita Chowdhuri on Oct 10


Madhav Sarda wrote on Sept. 30th

I am distressed, depressed and deeply shocked ........

Shasheesh is no more ..............



Edward Roncon ('87 batch) wrote on Sept. 30th at 16:24 p.m. Indian time


Please pass on.

Just spoke to Ajay Edwards- a good friend of Shashi and I with deep sorrow inform that Shashi passed away at Delhi yesterday. They are bringing the body back to Darjeeling tomorrow and Ajay informs me that they will cremate Sashi at Kalimpong where Sashi always wanted to settle down in and establish his dream Bamboo Project.

Our condolences are with the family- Sashi leaves behind two small children and a wife and our prayers and wishes need to be with them in this most trying hour.

Edward Roncon

Ashok Sadhwani wrote on Sept. 29th at 12:15 p.m. California time

Some latest news about Darjeeling below. (For those who don't know Shashish Prasad, he is a North Pointer, batch of '82, a successful architect in the hills, built all the NP building extensions, was at the Chiangmai reunion  last year, was building the bamboo school in Ghoom for Fr. Van and was the Darjeeling ground support and lead man for our forthcoming NP-Loreto reunion next March.) Read on.......

>Subject: FW: 3rd Darjeeling Reunion
>Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 13:55:46 -0500 (U.S. East Coast time)
>From: From: <kabita.choudhuri@accenture.com>
>To: .....
>Cc: ashok@asmara.com
>Hi everyone,
>Joan asked me to let everyone know about Shashish and Fr. Van (not well)
>and forward her email to let all know the latest on the 2007 Darj ReU.

>Kabita Choudhuri

>From: Convention Organisers [mailto:conven@asiaaccess.net.th]
>Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 2:51 AM
>To: Choudhuri, Kabita
>Subject: 3rd Darjeeling Reunion
>Dear Kabita :
>I hate to inform you that Shashish has just had brain surgery and has started chemo. Everyone in Darj is in shock and Fr. Van had to be admitted to hospital for a week!
>For all his great work for NP in putting up the new extensions we should all pray for him and his family so pass the news around.

Ashok Sadhwani wrote on September 30, 2006

Dear All
It is with the greatest sorrow I inform you of this sad news received from India. Please read Edward's email below. If any of you have anything to say - messages, comments - please email to me for posting on our NP-Loreto web site.
Please allow me to add my feelings:- Shasheesh and myself sat next to each other on the flight from Bangkok to Chiangmai on July 24, 2005 in the midst of all the excitement of our Reunion last year. For the entire flight including time to take off and taxi to gate, both of us gorged on exchanging news, views, opinions and conversed incessantly. Being much younger than me, Shasheesh displayed an abandoned level of intelligence. With his vast repertoire of knowledge of the hills and the various building projects he had been and currently was involved in, he brought me so much closer to my dream of living in the hills once again.
Both Shasheesh and Edward, who has forwarded us the sad news below, were the two youngest members of the Chiangmai Reunion. They were called upon several times during the next 3 days to present their younger views on our reunion activities. Both did a tremendous job.
It is certainly very sad to hear of Shasheesh. I feel for his family. In between receiving the sad news and writing this note, as I tap away on my keyboard, I am fighting the pins and needles trying to escape from the ends of my fingers signifying that even with persons we did not grow up with, the intangible connection we all share, is never going to go away. I cannot even begin to imagine how the persons who actually shared more time with him during his 39 years, as compared to my short 2 hours on that flight, actually are feeling today. My heart reaches out to one and all of you.
Sursum Corda
Ashok Sadhwani ('71)
Los Angeles

Condolence messages and feelings expressed by the community:

Armen Lucas wrote on Sept. 30th

My very deepest condolences on this tragic news.
With heartfelt sympathies,
Armen John Lucas.
NP 1952 to 1959


Message from Ken Pearce forwarded by Andrew Raschid on Sept. 30th

From: Kgcpearce@aol.com
To: araschid@hotmail.com, mirza.j@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: FW: North Pointer Shasheesh Prasad '82 batch passes away
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 15:07:30 EDT


This is very sad news indeed. Shasheesh was also an Old Paulite. As you know he was the architect  in charge of the project of the construction of the reservoirs. He was an absolutely charming chap. I am a little overwhelmed by the news.
Julius and I met him in 2003 and I again had an opportunity to have a long chat with him on our visit last year when both he and his very beautiful wife joined us for lunch on the Rectory lawn and our tour of the school on the Nostalgia Tour. I think a couple of those photos were printed in the last Newsletter. I only spoke to David Howard on Tuesday this week and there was no mention of any problem. What a year this has been as far as I am am concerned for deaths. Dreadful.
I shall drop the Spadgie chappie a line but need to get over the emotion first.
Thanks for letting me know.


Paula Helfrich wrote on Sept. 30th

Aloha and so sorry to hear.  Heading into Burma in one hour and don't know whether this phone will work. To BKK Oct 11 to 15.  Bless all


Prashant Pradhan wrote on Sept. 30th

I knew Shasheesh quite well - I am an architect and a NP aluminus. I had met him often and learned a lot from his incredible enthusiasm and vast knowledge of practicing architecture in the hills.  I left for the Netherlands after which i moved to New York - I was in Gangtok (my hometown) for 1 year in between where we met again and he helped us (the Architects of Sikkim) organise a series of workshops and exhibition which was loosely based on a similar venture he had undertaken in Darjeeling a few years prior to that.
I am quite shocked to hear this - I knew from another friend who had worked for him that he was unwell and that the doctors had not been able to identify what was wrong with him - i was aware that his condition was not very good but - it is indeed very sad to hear of this.
I am returning to Gangtok soon and was looking forward to meeting him and discussing architecture, building and urban planning in the hills. I will miss him.
Thank you for passing on the information.
Prashant Pradhan
Dipendra N.Chatterjee wrote on September 30, 2006
Really sad on hearing about Shasheesh. He was a batch junior to me, and I knew him as the kid brother of Devesh who was with me. I've been to their home in Darj so many times to play our games of childhood years with Devesh and him.

If there is any email contact of the family, do let us know so that we may over our condolences. Somehow, it feels like a little part of my childhood has died.

Dipendra N.Chatterjee
NP batch of '81

Ashok Malhotra wrote on September 30, 2006

Dear All,

It is with great sadness that I read this e-mail of the tragic demise of Shasheesh Prasad. I cannot claim to have known him at all, because we never met, yet there feels a closeness unexplained.

At that age, it is tragic.

I pray for the family to bear this irreparable loss, and peace to the departed soul.

Sursum Corda

Ashok Malhotra ('73)


Narendra Pradhan wrote on September 30, 2006

I was shocked to hear about Shasheesh this morning. I never met him although both of us wanted to do so for many years - being in the same profession and practicing in almost the same region. I had heard so much about him and seen a few of his projects in Sikkim. I always admired his works as they represented what I have always stated were the true 'Darjeeling' architecture. In his passing away Darjeeling has lost the most important individual who was dedicated in preserving the true ethos of its physical heritage and identity. I only hope there well be others in the field who will continue the legacy that he established in his short professional life. May his soul rest in peace. My personal condolence to his bereaved family.
Narendra Pradhan (62)
Ronnie D'Costa wrote on September 30, 2006

Really sorry to hear about Shasheesh . I never met him but with your description , I am sorry that I did not. He is an inspiration to us from the family of Jesuit Alumni.

[Ronald D'Costa]
St Joseph's College Univ dept 1965 -1968
President Jesuit Alumni Association of India
Mukesh Mirchandani wrote on Oct 1, 2006

Dear all,

I had the privilege to interact with Shasheesh for the first time at the Federation of Jesuit Alumni Association of India in Darj some years ago and the last year during his trip to cal in connection with the Darjeeling festival. Simply a wonderful chap.
My heart and prayers go to his family and the almighty.
Mukesh Mirchandani, NP`67 , Kolkata

Ravi Thapa wrote on Oct 1, 2006

I am saddened to be informed about the untimely demise of Shasheesh Prasad. I join all his friends in sharing the sorrow with his family and also in Prayer for the departed spirit to find Peace. Please convey my condolences.
In Prayer
Ravi Thapa

Sharad wrote on Oct 1, 2006

Thank you for letting us know about Shasheesh, though I didn't know him personally, my parents were close to his family. it goes without saying that his passing will leave Darjeeling reeling, his vision and work inspired many of us youngsters. My prayers are with his wife Ranjeeta and his small children, and his parents...
Rajiv Sharma wrote on Oct 1, 2006

Our condolences to Shasheesh's family in this tragic hour. This is a loss for North Point too and we all share in the family's grief. I hope Fr. Van recovers from this too (time is a healer). Ashok, is there any thing, we North Pointers can do for the family?

Rajiv and Sanyukta Sharma,

Robert Wilson wrote on Oct 1, 2006

It is indeed a tragedy that such a young and enterprising North Pointer has passed on beyond the boarders of the great Himalayas. I do remember Shasheesh with a lot of fondness having had the pleasure of having taught him. Among the many memories that he left behind, I do remember his enthusiasm and enterprising spirit especially when it came to new plans, restructuring and development. I can still recall his eye for detail and his firm belief in the proper utilization of space. It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to him and pray for the peace of his soul and may Almighty God give his family the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.


Robert C S Wilson
Operations Manager
Dubai School of Government
Tel: +9714 3293290 Fax: +9714 3293291
Dir: +9714 3175503  Cell:+97150 6442439

Pu-Chin Wade wrote on Oct 1, 2006

I am so sorry to hear of Shashi's untimely passing. Though I do not know him,  it is sad for anyone to 'go over to the other side' but doubly so when one is so young and at the cusp of success of his dream. I do hope some one will carry on his ' bamboo project.' It is indeed a wonderful dream, one thing us Asians have in abundance of   and which is endless replenishing itself.

Joaquim DeSouza wrote on Oct
1, 2006

It really comes as a shock to hear the sad news of the demise of one of  our own especially having been born in Darjeeling  especially the son of Adjit who I knew personally, the owner of the famous Adjit Mansions as one of the oldest families in Darjeeling.

I met him and Ajay Edwards who came to the Chiang Mai Reunion and we did have a long and dedicated discussion about Darjeeling. We have a saying in the mountains "that the God(s) take to them whom they love the most", so with a very sad heart and a deep loss especially to his wife,  the children and his relatives all I have the courage to say and pray for his soul is "May Shashi finally find the peace and happiness which we here are seeking which I am sure he has achieved (and while we are here we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers) "

Joaquim De Souza
NP School 1962-71
NP College 1972-1975

Vashu Gulab wrote on Oct 1, 2006

May God rest his soul.
A boy who grew into a man.
Sursum Corda
Chogyal Tshering La wrote on Oct 1, 2006

Got a call from Purnima (Robert Wilson's wife) this evening, saying that Shasheesh was no more..just when she said that I had lot's of schoolhood days flashing past me..whole lot of rushes..but unable to clearly edit the pieces together in order.....

Just remembered..'when in college in Calcutta ..had come up to Darj and as usual we were planning to have a so called 'bash'...we had the music...we had the crowd..but did not have the venue..and that's when Shasheesh told me I could use one of his vacant Hotels' near Ajit Mansions in Chowrasta as the venue....and as I write, the moments seem to be coming back....I vaguely remember both of us getting pooped during the HMI trek with Siladitya Sanyal right in the back.....yes he loved the art of origami..and in class he had a fascination for vintage cars and he used to spend a lot of time making and painting them out of paper..He did give me an Austin look alike which adorned my desk at the study hall as  my prized possession...and finally if I'm not mistaken we were both in Lanean House.....Last we would have just bumped into each other sometime in 1993...then today I got this tragic news...
Our condolences are with the family and we wish them strength during this trying hour..and the North Point fraternity has lost a great spaggy!
Chogyal Tshering La - batch of '82
Shasheesh's photo sent by Ken Pearce forwarded by Andrew Raschid on Oct. 1

Shasheesh is 5th from the left, standing next to Jambling Tenzing
(Kevin is on the end at the right - with the cap)
Caption quoted by Ken to Andrew

Just dug out a few photos from last year's tour.
You might want to pass them on, up to you

Dickoo Nowroji wrote on Oct 3, 2006

This is really really sad. Now I remember an Edwards and another young guy with him (at the last reunion).........I too talked to Shasheesh but I cannot be sure. In any case, my heartfelt condolences. Someone, so young and going so soon.

Saud Sultan wrote on Oct 3, 2006

It is with great sadness that I read this e-mail of the tragic demise of Shasheesh  my very deepest condolences to his bereaved family on this tragic news.
With heartfelt sympathies,

Saud Sultan
Roman Mukherjee wrote on Oct 4, 2006

My sincere condolences to the passing away of Shasheesh, a cornerstone of North Point.

Though I did not know him personally, he carries the North Point spirit we all share and treasure. He is one of us and we chant the North Point chorus.
Roman Mukerjee
Daniel Rufus wrote on Oct 4, 2006

It was very sad to hear about Sashi. Although I did not know him, I feel the pain that one of our North Pointers have left us so suddenly. My deepest sympathies to his Family. God has plans for him and he will definitely be rewarded.

Best Regards
Daniel Rufus


June 11, 2006

Dear Alumni,
This is sad news for all of us but especially for Saikat and his mother, Mrs. SenGupta, for the father, an alumnus of 1975 (Saikat is also an alumnus but doing his Class 12 in Siliguri) Rajat Sen Gupta, died on Sunday morning, June 11th, about 10:30 a.m. in his home in Mallaguri, a suburb of Siliguri. Rajat was a record holder for the 100 mts. dash in his last year in school and had become a renowned caterer throughout the district. In fact he would have been scheduled to cater for the international reunion next year. I spent much of Monday with the family and returned again yesterday for the shrad ceremony. If anyone wishes to send his condolences he could e-mail Saikat at the following address saikat_05@yahoo.com or phone him on his mobile 9232314248. North Point has lost one of its outstanding alumni, always ready to serve the school and his local community in any way possible.
May his soul rest in peace,
January 20, 2006
To add to this my father, listed on your website as the oldest living North Pointer, 94 1/2 x yrs passed away peacefully on Friday, 20 January 2006. Will send you a photo or two later. Sent by Robert Lefaucheur Jr.


4 More Spagies Flown to the School in the Sky

From Phillip Khan-Panni, London

It is with great regret that I report the passing away of four ‘greats’ from North Point. Although they did not all overlap, all four were distinguished sportsmen in their day.

February 14, 2006

Michael Dutton was another superb all-rounder, who was at North Point from 1940 to 1952.  The eldest of three brothers, Michael passed his Senior Cambridge School Cert in the First Division, with three Distinctions.  He was in the 1st XI in Cricket and Hockey, and a top sprinter in the 100 and 200 yards, as well as the Long Jump.  A keen horseman, Michael rode in the races at Lebong and Tollygunge (Calcutta), and did some show jumping too. He worked briefly in Belfast, then became a tea planter in Assam, leaving that to become a teacher when he married. He emigrated to Australia around 1970. His wife, Hazel, died suddenly in 2003, and he never recovered, dying on 14th February 2006 following an operation for oesophagal cancer.


February 13, 2006

John Hendricks was at North Point from 1932 to 1940.  An excellent Cricketer and all-round sportsman, he was of the ‘old school’ in more ways than one.  He attended a couple of the NP reunions in London, but ill health kept him away these past two or three years.  He left us on 13th February 2006, in Southampton, where he had lived for some years.  He leaves a widow.  I don’t have any other information on him, but would be pleased to add it if someone would care to send it to me at: phillip@mainspeaker.com.


December 25, 2005

Zahid Faruque was one of three brothers who were at North Point in the ‘40s.  Although slight of build, he was in the Cricket 1st XI in ’49 and ’50.  He went on to qualify as a mechanical engineer in the jute industry, joining a Scottish firm in Dundee.  In 1955 he joined the Adamjee Jute Mills in Narayanganj, E. Pakistan, and briefly acted as technical advisor to Thailand when that country erected a jute mill.  From the late ‘60s until his death from cancer on Christmas Day, 2005, he worked for the Faruque family business, first in jute, then in cement, and was CEO of the company manufacturing kraft paper bags for the cement industry.  A regular at the London Reunions, he leaves a widow, two sons and a daughter.

I received a brief note from Iqbal Faruque that his eldest brother, Zahid, passed away after a brief illness. Zahid was before my time at North Point, but he was a regular at our annual reunions in London, quietly assertive and always pleasant company.
He will be missed. 
Iqbal's address for condolences is: 13-A/1, 2nd Sunset Street, Phase II, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi - 75500, Pakistan.
We tend to think of our school friends as indestructible, and it is always a shock to read that Zahid, Alan and others have passed on.  But they live on in our memories. Please remember them in your prayers.


December 18, 2005

Alan Moss was the younger brother of Ashley and Audrey, and winner of the Depelchin Gold Medal, as the best all-rounder (studies, sports and character) in 1949.  In the school 1st XI for Cricket, Football and Hockey, he was also selected for the Indian Olympic Hockey Team, but had to pull out due to a cartilage operation.  In 1960 he left his job as Caltex Sales Manager to accompany his mother to England, as she was dying from cancer.  The following year he tried for the priesthood and spent four years in a seminary in Spain.  A highly popular man at the London Reunions and wherever he went, Alan had heart problems from the age of 37, and nearly died in 1999.  He finally left us on December 18th, 2005, and leaves a widow (Antoinette) and daughter (Geraldine).

I have just received the following e-mail from Jimmy Pyke:
I am sorry to let you know that Alan Moss died last week in Hospital peacefully. Funeral arrangements still awaited. I first met Alan when I joined NP in 1949. He was in the SC and was the leading sportsman in Darj. Every time he stood at the crease, or the ball came to him, we knew we were safe and ready for victory. He won the Depelchin Gold Medal that year. It was said that had he remained in India he could have played hockey for India.

He taught for a few years at NP before coming to UK. He was my class teacher and awarded the "Best Handwriting Prize" to me when I was 7 years old. I always told him that he needed "glasses" as my handwriting (now) is terrible.

We met again some 30 years later and became close friends.

For "boys" of our generation, Alan was our "hero".

He leaves behind his lovely wife Antoinette, daughter Geraldine, and grandchildren.

Condolence cards can be sent to Antoinette at 82 Corbins Lane South Harrow Middlesex UK HA2 8EJ
Let me add that I knew Alan at school and in London, where he was also a regular at our reunions. A fund of jokes and stories, he was kind, supportive and a terrific friend. I knew he had been ill for some time, but hoped he would survive.


Sunday, December 25, 2005
UJJWAL JOSHI ('98 Batch)

Suman Tamang ('99 batch) writes on December 30, 2005

Dear Fellow North Pointers,

With much grief, I inform you that one of our fellow brother Ujjwal Joshi, old boy '98 passed away on the Christmas day. He met with a gruesome bike accident while on his way to Mysore from Bangalore. He along with a friend (Pramod) were in a bike which collided with a lorry.
Ujjwal was always a jolly fellow and had a heart for photography. He was working for Progeon, an Infosys company as a trainer.
He is from Darjeeling and his friend who passed away along with him is from Darjeeling.
Pramod's last rites was held in Mysore and Ujjwal's was held in Bangalore.
I request all fellow North Pointers to remember them in your prayers for their souls to rest in peace and also for their families in this time of grief, so that they receive strength from the almighty.

Gobind Daryanani writes on January 1, 2006

Please convey our condolences to Ujjwal and Promod families from fellow North Pointers from North America.
We pray for his soul.

Gobind Daryanani 1956

Monday, August 15, 2005


Picture discovered on the internet by Pranta Das

Fr. Van writes on August 15, 2005
Dear Friends,
Just a short note to inform you that about an hour ago Fr. Ed McGuire died unexpectedly from a massive heart attack in his school, Gandhi Ashram in Kalimpong. He would have had his 78th birthday on Sept. 25th. Please pray for the repose of his soul.
Fr. Van
Ashok Mirchandani writes on August 15, 2005
Dear Fr Van,
It is with great sadness that I receive this news. He was one of the persons I have always admired in this world, he taught me to smile in the face of difficulties. 
Please accept my condolences and convey it to the Community, especially the children, for whom the shock must be greater.
May his soul rest in peace.
Ashok Mirchandani, NP 57-68, 69-72
Francis D'Souza writes on August 15, 2005
Dear Fr. Van,
We are sieged with grief, sorrow and anguish to hear of the untimely demise of Fr Ed.  Though I had not been acquainted with him, any loss to the North Point Community is a loss to us.  Please convey our heartfelt sympathies to his near and dear ones and may the Almighty give his family members the North Point Community, courage, strength and fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.  May his Noble Soul rest in Eternal Peace.
God Bless

Amin Amlani writes on August 15, 2005
Dear Fr. Van,
I was deeply saddened at hearing of our loss, the passing of Fr. McGuire (may his soul rest in peace). He was an inspiration to me and many others and will be sadly missed. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to his family, the Community and his students.
Amin Amlani

Saud Sultan writes on August 15, 2005
Dear Fr. Van,
It is with great sadness and anguish to hear of the untimely demise of Fr Ed.  Though I had not been acquainted with him, any loss to the North Point Community is a loss to us.  Please convey our heartfelt sympathies to his near and dear ones and may the Almighty give his family members the North Point Community, courage, strength and fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.  May his soul rest in Eternal Peace.
May  his soul rest in peace.
Phillip Khan-Panni writes on August 16, 2005
Thank you for the news of Fr McGuire, and apologies for mis-spelling his name first time around.
On behalf of the London alumni, let me express our sorrow at the passing of a man who gave a significant part of his life to North Point and the spiritual development of those who knew him there.
I think I remember him from the mid '50s.  If I have the right man, he was always agreeable and had a way of fitting in with those around him.
On a personal note, he shared the same birthday as myself, so I shall certainly remember him every 25th September from now on.
We shall certainly offer a prayer for his soul.
Phillip Khan-Panni
C.P. Shrestha writes on August 16, 2005
Sorry to hear of Fr. McGuire's unexpected passing.  He will be sorely missed.  May his soul know eternal peace

Pranta Das writes on August 16, 2005
Here's a picture of Fr. Ed McGuire (though I never met him), I found on the Gandhi Ashram School website:

Paljor Dorji writes on August 16, 2005
Dear Father Van,
It was only a few weeks ago in Thailand when we were talking about Ed Mcguire and the wonderful work he was doing in Kalimpong.  I have the fondest memories of him when we were privileged to have him in NP.  Please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences on the loss of a dearly beloved servant of Jesus.

Ashok Mirchandani writes on August 15, 2005
Dear Pranta,
Thanks for the link to the photo and the site. I had seen parts of a documentary feature  some years back while surfing the satellite channels available here in Africa, and it was about the Ashram. I just did not know that it was founded and run by Fr McGuire. You have answered one lingering question lurking in my mind, as to who was behind such a noble undertaking. I had stopped  surfing as soon as I recognised the hills, but I had missed a lo of the documentary. You have given the link so that we can now get info as to who was behind the documentary, as it was excellent, and a tribute to the work of the Ashram. I have always wanted to see it fully, now maybe we can get the info for all who want to see his work.

Joaquim DeSouza writes on August 18, 2005
Father Ed Mcguire who was in the school in 1968 passed away a few days ago. Fr. Hank Nunn sent me an e mail with the sad news. I do not know if you remember him but he loved walking down to Singla. Father McGuire died of a sudden heart attack a couple days ago. He got into taking bazaar kids and teach them classical Western music and did very well. I understand he even
took them on concert tours to Europe. If I am not mistaken he used to be Sub Prefect for LD.
Please could you pass on the sad news and May His Soul Rest in Peace
Joaquim DeSouza NP 1962 -1975
Chuck Wong writes on August 20, 2005
Fr. Mcguire has passed away. PBS ran this segment on him.
Check out http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/week745/cover.html
Thupten Gyalpo writes on August 20, 2005
Dear Father Van
On behalf of all the GYALPO Brothers please convey our belated but sincere condolences to all family relatives, friends and colleagues of Fr McGuire
All of us were reminded about him by this sad news.
Thupten Gyalpo

Gobind Daryanani writes on August 21, 2005
Father Van
Sorry to hear about Father McGuire. Our prayers are with him.
Would like to hear some more about him in next newsletter.
Gobind Daryanani

Ashok Arya writes on August 24, 2005
I note the passing away of Fr McGuire with deepest regret and will definitely say a prayer for him. I will always remember with great fondness.

Vincent Rosario writes on August 24, 2005
Dear Fr. Van,
It is with great regret and sadness to hear of Fr. McGuire's death. I remember a story about him that I thought I'd share.  In 1968 when Fr. McGuire was prefect there was an art teacher, O B Pradhan.  Everybody called him Bhutto, which really annoyed him.  One day he got so upset that he called in Fr. McGuire to deal with it.  Father McGuire spoke to the class in real stern words and issued warnings etc.  However, on his way out he was heard to mutter, " I don't see what the problem is - they call me Maggoo and I don't mind."
We will remember him in our prayers.

April 25, 2005

GEORGE DUTT (1980 batch)

Chris Mansukhani of 1981 batch writes on April 25, 2005
There was an unfortunate incident in which George Dutt of 1979 or 1980 alumni passed away. It was a road traffic accident.
 I want the school to put it on their site so that his class mates and old friends are aware of the same.
Chris Mansukhani

Aumit Raye of 1971 College writes on April 26, 2005
It is sad that George passed away. I am not his contemporary but as an ex North Pointer I am hurt with this bit of news. It is as if my brother has passed away. May his soul rest in peace and may God give his family the courage to bear his loss. Please convey my condolences to the family. "Dust unto dust under dust to lie Sans wine, sans song, sans friends, sans end"
Aumit Raye (College 1968-71)

Supratim Sen writes on April 27, 2005
George was my batchmate and we belonged to the 1980 class. It's really sad, he was so much fun.
Supratim Sen (BULL)
XMLstar India Pvt Ltd

Chris Mansukhani of 1981 batch writes on April 28, 2005
George passed away in Italy, his family is in Kolkata at the moment, and anyone interested in conveying their condolences should call his brother Michael at 9831025433.
Chris Mansukhani

Joydeep Chakravartti writes on April 29, 2005
This is in response to Father Van’s email in which he mentioned that George Dutt (Alumnus 1980) passed away recently. As Father Van has asked that anyone who knew George email you with information, here are my recollections.
George was my first cousin and we were very close. He was in class 9 when I was in class 6 in 1979 so it was a great thing to have an elder brother in the same school. It did keep me out of trouble with a lot of boys who were aware of this so it was quite handy!!!!
George and I played a bit of music together after leaving NP. He was a talented musician who could play ANY instrument. I merely played the drums to keep him company. He then married an Italian girl and migrated to Italy in the early 90’s. I have not met him for more than 10 years. His death came as a shock as he was only 43. He was just crossing the road and was hit by a car. He left behind a wife and two beautiful daughters. May his soul rest in peace.
Joydeep Chakravartti

Gaurav Arora writes on April 29, 2005
Although I don't know Geroge but the bonding is there, as we all are North Pointers. May his soul rest in peace and the good lord give his family the courage to overcome this great loss.
Rohit Chaturvedi writes on April 29,  2005
Thanks for the message. Its very sad to hear about a fellow North Pointer passing away. May his soul rest in peace.I  am a North Pointer of the 94 Batch and am currently working with Larsen and Toubro Ltd in Mumbai..
I will pass on this message to the other North Pointers I am in touch with..
Rohit Chaturvedi 9870309406

March 8, 2003

North Pointer '63  to '71

Rajesh Poddar writes on March 8th 2003
This is to give you the sad news that our classmate Prithiviraj Mohanty (Tito) passed away yesterday morning due to a massive heart attack which he suffered in the bathroom.

Fr. Van writes on March 10, 2003
Rajesh Poddar has just informed me of the death of Prithiviraj Mohanty on March 8th from a massive heart attack. I have sent through him my condolences to the family and have asked Rajesh to write an obituary for the website. I hope he will do that soon.

P.K. Mahapatra (North Pointer '61 to '71) writes on March 10, 2003
It is with great sorrow that I wish to inform the rest of the NP members that our dear friend and school mate of NP '71 batch- Prithiviraj Mohanty - Age 48 passed away at 8 am on 8th March 2003 at Calcutta. He had gone to Calcutta to see his father who had just recovered from a severe heart attack and he himself succumbed to a massive heart attack in the toilet on the morning of 8th March. He was gone in a flash and when they broke open the door of the toilet they found him dead. Such is life. We have all lost a dear friend. He will be remembered by all the '71 batch and his warm heart and jovial manner will remain with us for as long as we live. Sursum Corda. What can I say. I used to speak to him at least once a week on Sunday and now the phone has gone dead for ever. God bless him.

Thanks for the posting.
I am just catching up on my e-mails as the last few days have been unbelievable.
I am still in shock as I was there a week ago (for my Dad's attack) and had spent a lot of time with Titu which I am grateful for. In fact we even discussed your 25th which he mentioned.
Anyway, he is sorely missed by his wife Tanu, his daughter Priya, our parents and all of the many family, friends and other north pointers who have been sending their condolences.
Prithviraj (Tito) is sorely missed by his wife Tanu, his daughter Priya, his mother, father and me and my family. Funeral services were held in Calcutta and a memorial service in Cuttack where he lived for the past 15 to 20 years. We all remember him fondly as someone who lived life to the fullest with a bright and jovial outlook at all times. Thank you all for the kind thoughts and support offered from the many family members, friends and fellow North Pointers.

Devraj Mohanty
93 Alberta Road
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Devraj Mohanty (Cat) '72 - younger brother of Prithiviraj (Tito)

Messages from North Pointers and Loreto girls

I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Titu's untimely death. He was in school with me from 1964 and then we went on to college together. We developed a deep and long lasting friendship and though we drifted apart after college whenever we met the connection was always there. I knew I had a friend. He introduced me to one of my major loves--Music. He was a solid chap, warm , kind, a great friend. I'll miss you old chap. May your soul rest in peace.
Sudhir Jaggi 1971 batch

Please convey my condolences to his family
Ronald DCosta ('68)


I was very sad to hear the bad news. I remember Tito as always having a
smile on his face and always being a gentleman. May he rest in peace.
Nari Avari ('68)


It is with sadness I read the passing of Prithiviraj Mohanty. I will remember
him in my prayers. May he abide and rest with God for ever!
Alice York (Loreto Darjeeling '55)

Very sorry to hear about P. Mohanty's (Tito) passing away. He

will be deeply remembered by us. May his family find all the
strength they need to bear with his untimely loss.
Sandip Madan ('70)

So sorry to hear about Mohanty's demise.... I remembered him so well too....

Did he leave behind a family ?  I hope they will be taken care of...  Again my sincerest sympathies to his family and friends.....
Mukesh Gupta ('75)


Thank you for sharing this sad information with us. Please express our family's condolence to Mohanty's family.
Sursum Corda.

My heartfelt condolences to Tito’s family on the tragic news of his sudden death. Being in almost the same year as my naughty batch (’72), I miss much mischief and fun which we all indulged in, and Tito was definitely a part of this at some stage.  Rest in peace my friend.
Lisa Watsa (nee Narayan)
LCD, ’72 batch

January 11, 2003

Dara Mody
(N.P. College 1964 to 1968)

To all North Pointers. Saturday, 11th January 2003 at about 4 p.m

Dara used to suffer from diabetes and added to this he was suffering from high temperature for the previous two days.There was no signs of the impending, however massive heart attack. In fact, his last words to his wife Jeroo were "I am alert"

Dara is fondly remembered at North Point as the faithful 'ringer of the bell' of the Xavier Hostel and they say that the only time the bell did not ring to wake us up in the morning was when Amrit Kuruvilla robbed the bell and hung it from a rope on top of the main building.Fr.John Whellan's scream of "What's happened to Dara? " woke us up that day fifteen minutes late.

I suppose now Dara will get back to his duty of being John Whellan's bell ringer where ever all ' good ' Xavier Hostel inmates will finally reach.
 May his soul rest in peace.
You may send your condolences to Jeroo Mody, c/o Syndicate bank, Bistupur, Jamshedpur-831001.

Above Comments by Ronny D'Costa on April 9, 2003

September 5, 2002

Dear Folks,

Just to let you know that Brig.Malcolm deSouza of the Indian Army and
ex North Pointer expired in Poona India on the 5th September 2002 at the age of 81 years. Stan, You said that you knew him for your days at NP.........Ivan
Above comments by Ivan St.Clair Sequeira
Thank you, Ivan, for letting us know of Malcolm de Souza's demise. Yes, I remember him well, and turned to the photograph of the cadet corps on page 82 of my book and picked him out. I saw him just once after we left school, and did not know how life had treated him until a couple of months ago when two sisters, a Dr Marian de Souza and a Jo de Souza, emailed me orders for my book. I asked them if they knew of Malcolm, and they revealed that they were indeed related. And I later met Marian at the international conference on Anglo-Indians held last month in Melbourne and at which I presented a paper.
Marian told me that Malcolm was in a retirement home in Pune. She stopped over at Pune on her way to the UK to speak at a conference and showed him her copy of my book. She said that Malcolm took possession of it and would not let it go! And she told me later that Malcolm had been admitted to hospital suffering with pneumonia. I had not realised at the time that he was so ill.
If I remember right, Malcolm joined the Garhwalis, but I had no idea that Malcolm had risen to the exalted rank of Brigaider. Thanks for letting me know of his death. Tess and I will remember him in our daily prayers. 
Thanks again,

Above comments by Stan Blackford

July 2002

JIM (JOCK) MCKENZIE - a good sportsman from the 1938 -1940 era died in Melbourne in July and was buried on the 9th July.

The funeral was attended by  North Pointers Dudley Beeby and Robert (Bobby) Dunne. Jim represented the College in all sports in the first eleven. He served in the Indian Navy during the war and retired as a Lieutenant Commander and came and settled in Australia.

There is a memorable letter from him in an "Old Boys Corner" of a wartime North Point Annual  in which he refers to his visit to the church in Bandra Bombay.

Above comments by Douglas Augier, Melbourne, Australia

October 8, 2001
JACK VAZ (Faculty 1946 - 1987)

One sad bit of news was received on Oct.8th. Mr. Jack Vaz who taught here from 1946 until 1987 passed away in Bangalore . He suffered his first heart attack at home in Goa but when he revived, his son Mario who is a medical doctor at St. John`s in Bangalore flew him to Bangalore for better treatment. For a couple of days he seemed to be fine. On the 8th in the evening they decided that the next day they would take an angiogram. After a light supper during which he was in a very joyful mood, his family members went home. But soon they were recalled as he was suffering his second and fatal attack.

                    Many of you would have benefited from his meticulous teaching and correction of homework. He loved North Point and so we were overjoyed when he accepted our invitation last year to return for our millennium alumni reunion in May. During his long and dedicated service in North Point, he taught in nearly all the classes, was for a time Headmaster of the Primary and handled admissions into the lower classes, a most arduous task. He even taught in our Night College which catered for a time to those who had to work every day yet wanted to further their own academic qualifications. He was always guided by what would be best for the school and its true spirit. Once someone tried to bribe him for an admission and he was most upset mainly because the fellow did not understand that North Point was not that kind of school. Its spirit and reputation could not be allowed to be tarnished in this way. He was a man of complete integrity and raised his own family to live with the same high principles. I always looked upon him as one of the great pillars of North Point and his spirit will live on here for generations to come. R.I.P.
Above comments by Fr. Van

September 11, 2001

New York Times Report on October 27, 2001
Holding On to India

Jupiter Yambem was born and raised on the other side of the world, in the remote state of Manipur in the northeast corner of India. At the age of 21 he came to the United States and promptly took up a career in some of New York City's most famous restaurants, including the Rainbow Room and then Windows on the World, where he worked as a banquet manager. But even as he planted hardy roots here ‹ marrying a woman from Syracuse, settling down in Beacon, N.Y., joining an environmental group dedicated to protecting the Hudson River, becoming friends with Pete Seeger, signing on as assistant coach for his 5-year-old son Santi's soccer team Mr. Yambem, 41, held fast to his Indian past. Retaining his Indian citizenship, he co-founded the North American Manipur Association, a small group of Manipur families that sought to promote and preserve the culture of their homeland over here.

He had two purposes, said his wife, Nancy Yambem. He wanted his son to know something of his heritage " to see the dances and hear the music and taste the food". But he also wanted to construct a bridge, however modest, between two vastly different cultures. The strands of Mr. Yambem's life came together at his memorial service. His friends gathered at Beacon Riverfront Park on the banks of the Hudson River. They had a potluck dinner and Mr. Seeger sang "Turn, Turn, Turn." Later, they released hundreds of small paper boats onto the river, each with a candle inside. Mr. Yambem's ashes were returned to Manipur and scattered over a lake.

Fr. Van comments - September 24, 2001
Many things have happened since. The main thing is what happened to one of our alumni, Jupiter Yambem,NP`75, who lost his life in the World Trade Towers on Sept.11th, the very day of my letter. He was the Senior Manager of a restaurant chain. He happened to be on the 107th floor in the office of the famous Windows on the World Restaurant when the hijacked plane hit. His first thought apparently was for the safety of all the staff and workers and he was the last to leave but didn`t make it. The body was found on 15th, amazingly intact. Our hearts go out to his wife, Nancy, and his young five year old son, in their tragic loss. The commemorative service will be held on the 29th September, 4pm. at Beacon river front park.  If anyone wants to attend please call Nancy his wife at (917) 270-3296. Please note it is the 29th and not the 30th.

If any of you are close enough to attend this as representatives of the world wide North Point Alumni Association it will be much appreciated. Monishi Sanyal epitomized the life and spirit of Jupiter for me in the anecdote about the Sports Day Long Jump in 1975. Apparently to the chagrin of the groundsman, he overleapt the pit, so more digging was required. In the next jump he even overleapt that. Jupiter never did things half heartedly but put himself totally into each enterprise he undertook. That North Point spirit that filled him was still evident in his tragic end. R.I.P.

First Anniversary Prayer Service held in Darjeeling on September 6th, 2002.

October 1992
T.W. SHAKABPA (Student)

TW Shakabpa, NP class of 1959 passed away in October of 1992. TW & his brothers KN Shakabpa 1953, TN Shakabpa 1959 were one of the first students to attend St. Joseph's School from Lhasa, where their father was the protege of the Regent of Tibet. After graduating from George Washington University, TW married Norzin Tsarong Mt. Hermon 1964, and have two sons Jigme Shakabpa & Paljor Shakabpa both North Pointers. TW is remembered for his gregarious personality, sportsmanship and a heck of a boxing champ unrivaled and unbeaten even by the Lebong Army Boxers. Some of his classmates and contemporaries are Arnold Mckenzie, Fr. Van, Maurice Banerjee, Palden Gynatshang, Paljor Dorji, Boya Mohindar, Kamal Meattle & a ton of others. He was actively involved with school affairs founding a private school and director of a movie theatre. A patriot of his country, he comes from a family who has served the Tibetan Government for generations and whose father Tsepon Shakabpa, in his memoir of "Tibet: A Political History" has left an indelible legacy for the Tibetan people in the current face of Tibet's struggle.
Courtesy:  Tibetan Youth Congress


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