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Pictures of AGM held at Hotel Hindustan International on July 29, 2006


The Kolkata NP Alumni Association active for many years is seeing an explosive resurgence in their NP-Loreto activities.

The following membership drive letter is being circulated by them:

As a member of the North Point Alumni Association, I  am glad  to bring to your notice  that we are trying  to muster up the membership drive and make our old boys share in the coming months a series of events that will bring about the ‘SURSUM CORDA’ togetherness that we shared at North Point. It is with this objective that I write this letter to ignite the old school ethos and bring your participation to the forefront. I can only hope that you will  partake in the common forum that this association means for us old boys.

We had a meeting  of the Committee at The Saturday Club on the 22nd March 2006 which was attended by most of the Committee Members and Chaired by Mr. A.Lahiri, and it was irrevocably decided to bring in inactive members and add new members to  our clan. You being one of those who have had a relationship with the North Point Association Calcutta Chapter for some years  are requested to again sign up and take account of the dues that is stated against your name as under towards the annual  membership fees:

Membership Fee dues for the years 2001-2006: Rs 2500 at Rs 500 per annum.

As a very special initiative we are making a special offer to make you a Life Member against the payment of Rs 5000 which is taking in to account  the old dues, as a one time offer to muster funds and also to make our School association more sound to plan for social events in Calcutta.

For instance we had a Inter School Quiz which was Chaired by Mr. O’Brian and sponsored by The Telegraph Newspaper which was resounding success last year. Now we have in the pipeline a Inter College Debate which will be an event of magnitude in May 2006. From the last event we have been able to allocate the sum of Rs 1 laks for The North Point Development Fund. Now you can make the difference by updating your membership  by going for the Life Membership.  Please treat this as a request coming from the close bond that we share.

I hope that you will take this in the best of  Spirit  and make the Calcutta Chapter strong enough to play and organize a major get together before the March 2007 Centurion Celebrations to be held in Darjeeling at North Point. We shall be part as the front runner in welcoming North Pointer from all parts of the world and act as the gateway to the Darjeeling celebrations. Please sign up.

You must be aware that North Point Alumni  Association all over the world have become very active and the ones especially in UK & USA are very active.

We are also planning to publish an NP Alumni Directory and your becoming Life Member would help us to complete the job.

I request you to kindly pass the word around among your class-mates or other North Pointers and request them to fill up the attached Data Form for our data base

Your sincerely,

 Prasant K. Mahapatra

Names  Position Mobile Nos Office Nos Email Address
Aniruddha Lahiri  President 9831054499 22378000 alahiri@abpmail.com
 Pradeep Singhania  Vice President 9831015421 22830300-04 pradeep@singhaniagroup.com
 Mukesh Mirchandani Secretary 9830649342   mircha@cal.vsnl.net.in
 Brijraj Singh Joint Secretary 9433041565 22482734 calsens@vsnl.com
 Boney Mahapatra Member 9831865327   pkmohapatra@magma.co.in
 Rajesh Poddar Treasury 98308 07407 22471357 rkp@heritagerealtygroup.co.in
 Pramod Jaiswal  Joint Treasurer & Joint Entertainment Incharge 98300 14962 22802323 gazimia@vsnl.com
 Abhijit Mondal  Member 9331025233   mondalabhi@rediffmail.com
 Bakshi Singh  Member 9830802312 22202399 anandmotorsons@rediffmail.com
 Zafar Khan  Member 9830118462   zafarahmadkhan@yahoo.co.in
Praveen Chandra Bhanj   9831069231   bhanjdeo@rediffmail.com
Udoy Banerjee   9831157385    


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