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North Point Authors
Title Author Publisher Web Link
A SON OF INDIA Tom Bates Bates Books www.batesbooks.com
WINDS OF CHANGE - AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A TIBETAN T.N. Shakapba Paljor Publications www.paljorpublications.com


VEGEMITE VINDALOO David McMahon Penguin http://www.penguinbooksindia.com/


Norman Noah Open University [UK]/McGraw Hill  
- Getting Your Point Across
- Communicating Across Cultures
- Blank Page to First Draft in 15 Minutes
- Stand & Deliver: Leave Them Stirred not Shaken
- Make More Sales with Better Presentations
- Be the best Best Man & Make a Stunning Speech
- Rhyme & Reason (poems)
Phillip Khan-Panni    



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