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Douglas Augier '47 writes from Melbourne, Australia on August 17, 2002. He can be contacted via email daaugier@melbpc.org.au


It was nice to receive your email and note that you sent it to 264 North Pointers. We had a small get together to meet a Stanley Blackford NP 33 who was visiting Melbourne and a eight  old North Pointers attended.
Stan is on the internet but it seems that few of the "older generation" pre 1960 are computer happy and if so may not have joined the list. One of them brought along the North Point annuals from 1944 - 1950 and the Old boys corner gives a wealth of information of Old Boys all over the world.
We know there is a reunion in England every year in fact we have a list of names of those who attended the function this year. Philip Khan Pani I think is one with an email address and does the organizing.
What I am getting at in a round about way is that it may be possible to build up a database of Old North Pointers particularly those who do not have an email address but people like Phil and myself can build up the "manual list " who can act as dispersal points. You suggestion to pass the word around is somewhat similar but the names of those persons are not on the list and quite often they may like to get in touch "in their old age"
To make a start those that attended in Melbourne were:
Dudley Beeby
Ivan Philips
David Philips
Bobby Dunne
Peter Wright-Neville
Colin Davenport
Kingsley Hayes-Rosario
The annuals mentioned that there are a number of North Pointers who are in the USA and it may be helpful to track as many as we can down and may get some hardcopy news across of what others are doing.
As mentioned earlier we know Tom Bates is in your part of the world. and I know of a number of other old boys who are in Australia.
I did have a brief exchange with Philip Laden La and Vashu Gulab who were contemporaries.
At this stage it seems I am floating an idea but need some reaction to see if it is worth while pursuing.
Douglas Augier NP 1939 -1947


University of Manitoba Convocation for Fr. Van will be held in the third week of October 2002. Statement by NPAA President Nigel Brady on April 2, 2002
Here are some of my thoughts regarding Fr Van's impending visit. Apparently, there is some talk of organizing a large gathering of alumni in Toronto. My view on this idea is that we would get a smaller total number attending than if we managed to have about three separate gatherings as was discussed on Friday, Mar 29th (East coast, West coast and Central Canada).

Of course with the convocation in Winnipeg, that would mean at least one more gathering in Western Canada. If we have only the one large get-together in Toronto, I fear that only the 'hardcore' alumni would attend. We urgently need to have Fr Van reach and persuade the non
participating alumni to join in our most important cause - the NP2000+ Renewal Fund.
An idea was also raised that we should make all these gatherings fundraising events and charge XXX US$ per plate. I like this idea.
Please reply and let me know your views on this subject. We will of course go along with the majority opinion if we can't come up with a consensus.


More News

Chuck Wong (1975) writes, " The owner of Cecilia's hair salon on Park Street just passed away and proceeds from his memorial service were donated to NP."

He received a message from Shing Wong on February 6, 2002 stating the following:

"Received a note from Min Chin's family acknowledging our family's gift
toward the North Point Scholarship Fund in remembrance of her father. They
have received over $4500.00 for the fund so far. This happens to also be
Chuck's school in Darjeeling, for those that don't know."
On April 8th, 2002, Tsoltim Shakabpa (1959) was awarded the EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD - APRIL 2002 for "Outstanding Achievement in Poetry" presented to him by Poetry.Com and The International Library of Poetry.
To view some of Tsoltim's poetry, log onto www.poetry.com and search for author's name: Last name: Shakabpa,  First name: Tsoltim.

T.N. Shakabpa (1959) writes on March 3, 2002, "If you wish to view my essay and some of my poems on Tibet, log onto www.ustibet.org   Then click on "new poems in our essays section" on the right side of your screen. By the way, I have entered the essay you see in an essay competition being held by the International Campaign for Tibet. I would very much appreciate it if you and your NP friends could put in a good word for my essay with the International Campaign for Tibet. Their e-mail address is editors@savetibet.org

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

Sursum Corda!
T.N. Shakabpa
NP: 1953 - 1959
E-mail: shakabpa@earthlink.net



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