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Fr. Van's Europe-US-Canada TOUR

June 25-August 31, 2012

Pictures from the London get-together of June 26, 2012
Pictures from the NY get-together of July 14, 2012

June 25 - Bagdogra to Delhi arriving 15:35 Jet Airways (staying overnight in Kamal Meattle's home)
June 26 - Delhi 08:50 to London arriving 16:30 Lufthansa (Philip Khan-Panni will receive at airport and host)
July 03 - London 07:30 to Charlotte arriving 15:15 Lufthansa LH428 via Munich (Nigel Brady will receive at airport and host)
July 03 to 15 - Washington, Boston, New York
July 14 - NP get-together at Utsav restaurant, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, NYC, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
July 16 - New York to Toronto (LaGuardia 08:45 UA8229 - check-in at Air Canada counter) arriving 10:24
July 24 - Toronto to Winnipeg by car with nephew
August 15 - Winnipeg to Vancouver by car with niece
August 24 - Vancouver to Los Angeles (Ashok Sadhwani will receive at airport and host)
August 25 - NP dinner get-together at Ashok Sadhwani's home 5:00 p.m. Please RSVP asap or latest by July 31.
August 27 - Los Angeles to Toronto
August 29 - Toronto to Delhi departing 22:10 Lufthansa LH5465 via Frankfurt LH760
August 31 - Arriving Delhi at 00:35
August 31 - Delhi to Bagdogra Jet Airways at 11:10 arriving 13:20

East coast folks contact Dinny Devitre for the July 14 dinner get together. Those in the West coast mark your calendar for August 25 for dinner at Ashok Sadhwani's home.

Contributions have been received from the following towards the cost of Fr. Van's various air tickets: Thanks folks!
Dinyar Devitre, New York
Soumitra Ghosh, San Diego
Eddie Hsu, San Diego
Pat and Roger Bell, Geneva
Madan Dhakwa, Honolulu
Gobind Daryanani, PA
Vincent Rosario, Gisborne, New Zealand
Ashok Sadhwani, Los Angeles
Philip Khan-Panni, London
Sandip Madan, Danbury
Nowshir Bilimoria, Pittsburg
Norzing Snyder (nee Tempo), Seattle
Ronnie Leong, San Francisco
Mark Devereux, Vancouver
Ronnie Trutwein, Dusseldorf
Ian Prossor, London
T.N. Shakabpa, Los Angeles

And pledges from:
Jimmy Pyke, London
Tamding Tempo, Los Angeles
Monishi Sanyal, San Francisco
Tony Lao, Boston

C.M. Cho, Boston
Paula Helfrich, Yangon, Myanmar

Pictures from the NY get-together of July 14, 2012 (Submitted by C.M. Cho on July 17, 2012)




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