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  Please use this form to input your personal information that will reside in a database so that all of us can view, edit and search for information about ex-North Pointers. Your comments shall help in continuously re-engineering the way we will network amongst ourselves.

Some of the questions are of a personal nature. Answering any of them in this, or any other form, is not mandatory. However, because we are cut from the same cloth, we are expected to answer them all.

Information that needs to be hidden from the media and today's watchful eyes of marketers is safe on this web site because
1) we don't intend to go to market and
2) we know more about you, than these questions ask, anyway.
Remember, we went to the same school.




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NP Trivia Question: What was the name of our auditorium ? (The answer is in one of these anagrams) 

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