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School Anthem

Vision 2000+

North Point Slang

Fraser Hall


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Arnold McKenzie and Boya Mohindar's recent trip to North Point


North Point - our School on the Hill, here's a cheer for it still.....

The four original Houses:
1. Depelchin
2. Fallon
3. Laenen
4. O'Neill
And two added in 1975
5. Bawens
6. Bouvez

School Anthem
1.Hurrah for our home in the mountains!~
   Hurrah for the monarchs of snow!
   For the land of the forests and fountains,
   and the torrents that ever flow!(bis) 


Toil up from the valley below;
"Lift your heart" to the breeze and the glow;
And our school on the hill
Here's a cheer for it still, Hurrah!
As onwards through life we go!

2.From the sweltering South and the Islands,
   From the plains where the hot winds blow,
   We have met in the heart of the highlands
   At fair India's gates of snow.(bis)

3.Here`s a hand to a faltering brother,
   Here's a lift for the lame and the slow,
   And we'll stand, boys, like men to each other
   As onwards through life we go.(bis)
Fr. Van says (on February 16, 2002)
The two words that many change are `GLOW~. They seem to think it is 'snow'. The other is the pronunciation of the word 'WIND'. The poetical pronunciation of the word is the correct one: WIND LIKE IN UNWIND.


VISION 2000+


The School has been evolving in its physical form, and functioning through its 112-year history,
through a process of accommodating specific needs at various points of time, within the
limitations of North Point's physical infrastructure.

The infrastructure limitations have naturally dictated compromises on the quality and extent of
available amenities and even resulted in a complete lack of many of the facilities a premier
institution such as North Point should be having, in the present context and more importantly in
the emerging 'wired' world.

The experience of more than a century points to the imperative of a holistic revaluation of North
Point's physical infrastructure. A purposeful and effective study will have to take into account
both the immediate compulsions of the school and the emergent needs of the institution in the
next 100 years. Therefore, while foreseeable growth and development issues will have to be
addressed through purpose-designed infrastructure additions, an element of flexibility will also
have to be judiciously incorporated in order to enable efficient responses to critical factors that
we can not now predict accurately or visualise clearly.

The assessment would logically lead to the formulation of a guiding and comprehensive master
plan for North Point, to steer the school adequately and appropriately through its second century
of existence. This would include not only the correction of existing inadequacies in physical
infrastructure, but also the incorporation of amenities and facilities that are intrinsic to the
overall vision of the school, and in keeping with its renown as a benchmark of educational

Implementation of the master plan would necessarily be through a programme of action split into
specific, identifiable components and initiatives over a period of time, based on priorities and
available resources. While the plan would detail physical intervention such as renovation,
restructuring, extension and addition, to house the needs of the school, it would go beyond the
mere solving of particular problems at given points of time.

The need for North Point to formulate a master plan, which would serve as a set of directive
guidelines for physical intervention and expansion to address the school's future needs, was the
result of a strong consensus among staff and alumni on the subject's criticality. A number of
meetings of the North Point School Alumni Association (NPSAA) exhaustively discussed the
project's numerous facets and compulsions. Additionally, "North Point - Vision 2000+" was the
topic of the North Point Silver Medal English Essay competition and the subject of numerous
brainstorming sessions among the school's teaching and professional staff. What follows is an
activity-based breakdown of what needs to be done, arrived at from all the aforesaid inputs and
through a consensus among those involved in the process.

Vision 2000+ in the School Web Site

Click below for plans of Vision 2000+

A Master Plan

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


Fr. Van stated on September 5th, 2002:
This is a picture Of the First Building Beginning at North Point.


FRASER HALL DRAWING Wallace (Wally) Arthur Stoddard '49
Wally drew this picture in 1949. Submitted on October 12, 2002 by Edmund Jonah '51.

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